Monthly at sea


So, if you are going to warm countries, a voucher is bought - and suddenly you realize that just in these very days you will have menstruation, do not be upset. There are popular ways to delay the monthly - this consumption lemons and parsley in large quantities. Vitamin C contained in these products will bring the critical days closer, and then you will not be disturbed by your monthly holidays at sea.

In addition, some medications help to postpone these days. Just remember that you can take them only after consulting a doctor. There are combined oral contraceptives, COC. To push the first day of menstruation, you need to drink monophasic COC from any day of the cycle, only no later than three days before the onset of menstruation. You need to drink a pack of KOK, and in about two or three days the “red days” will begin.

Sometimes for a delay drink progestin, dicine. True, it is only necessary to take these or other means after consultation and under strict medical supervision. With nature, jokes are bad! No matter what the ads say, especially on the Internet, there is still the danger of disrupting important mechanisms in the body.

The site 6tu4ka.ru advises you either to warn the monthly at sea, that is, to plan a vacation for the days when there will definitely not be menstruation. But this is only possible if your cycle is stable and does not change. If at the beginning of the year you make a vacation schedule, then it is not always possible to guess. And besides, you need to coordinate your plans with your companion or girlfriend.

And one more common situation - monthly on vacation at sea began suddenly. Because of climate change, relocation or flight, just unrest associated with departure. In such a case, always, even if everything is still fine, take tampons and pads with you.

Important Tips

You probably already know that tampons and pads need to be changed often so that the infection does not develop, and simply for hygienic reasons. And when you are in the heat on the beach or swimming in the sea, all the more.

Immediately about sailing in the sea ... You should not swim in the strip, in a tampon - also undesirable, but still possible. If you have the opportunity immediately after the sea to change the tampon, just fine. And yet - you can swim with a tampon only not on the first or second day of your period.

How not to be bored, if you started monthly at sea?

No need to immediately get upset if during the holidays there will be critical days. First, they will not last all 10 days? And if the rest is longer, then the more there is no reason to be sad. Secondly, if you come to warm countries, this does not mean that you will spend all your days exclusively on the beach and in the water.

If the critical days coincided with the beginning of carefree days, there is no need to be upset. When you first arrived or arrived, you need to acclimatize, get used to the new conditions. You can just lie down and bask in the sun.

And what if you are not one of those who like to rock for a long time, do you need to squeeze the maximum out of each vacation? Well, in the first days you can just scout the neighborhood, go on an excursion. And do not worry, monthly during excursions on the moraine will interfere. If you took a boat ticket, enjoy a luxurious view, and if necessary, visit the toilet.

Excursions can take two days. If usually monthly lasts from three to four days, then on the last day, when the blood is released a little bit, you can swim in the sea. Only with a tampon, and by all means change it.

Of course, it is best to wait out all the periods not at sea, but riding on excursions or just having fun in bars and cafes. Believe that you will remember such a vacation for a long time, because it will turn out to be full of impressions. After all, when the rest is held according to the “hotel-beach-sea-restaurant-hotel” scheme, it is not so fun and interesting as a lot of excursions, trips and new acquaintances.

Monthly at sea is not such a problem!

And there is a small percentage of happy girls for whom monthly sea Do not cause discontent or negative emotions. After all, not everyone goes to warm places only to swim, someone just wants to sunbathe, relax, sleep and, of course, take a walk around the city, go see the sights. Now - talking about those who can not swim. Of course, this is a great pleasure, but not everyone can overcome the fear of water.

So, if critical days can begin for you, then you are able to delay them using popular methods or medicines, but only consult with your doctors before that. And the best thing is not to churn the rhythms of your body and enjoy other types of recreation, and to take up the beach when menstruation passes. After all, not the whole vacation you need pads and tampons!

Remember that not monthly can spoil your vacation, but your bad mood. Therefore, tune in to the positive and enjoy every minute of rest in a hot country!

Eva Rainbow - especially for Shtuchka.ru website!

Knyazeva Tatyana Viktorovna

Psychologist, Practicing Clinical Psychologist. Specialist from the website b17.ru

[1436664581] - July 9, 2011, 15:37

can push or hurry.

[869474086] - July 9, 2011, 15:41

Somehow I also went to the sea, I was then 14, I naturally did not take tampons (and I wouldn’t use them), eventually went to the beach with a daily (or two), bought, left, sat for 10 minutes, bought again and in the room, because the climate change and I almost started bleeding (two weeks went by), like this.

[4209842742] - July 9, 2011, 15:47

Also this year it turned out that monthly periods came in the middle of a holiday. I never use tampons, but at the sea I took two packs of obi (the smallest and largest, and the panty liners and ordinary ones). A couple of days before day X, I started using tampons (the smallest obi), just in case. You can swim with them. During the menstruation one day I didn’t bathe - I was afraid that the leak was there, I already used large obi. On the second day, swimming. It was terrible, of course, but what to do? When not at sea - a tampon + gasket (yes, I am a reinsurer, but nothing even leaked onto the gasket). The main thing is to change them periodically (once an hour at 3).

[270136021] - July 9, 2011, 15:47

If you go to the Black Sea, then you can not swim. There can be no monthly

[3749967863] - July 9, 2011, 15:57

[2310191461] - July 9, 2011, 16:12

5. why not?

[270136021] - July 9, 2011, 16:15

5. why not?

dirty and shit

[2310191461] - July 9, 2011, 16:16

Hello girls. URGENT NEED TIP. July 20, I go to the sea for a week, the problem is also with menstruation, maybe they can start, but the fact is that in each month they start 10 days later. That is, in June there were 19 and this should be 29. I can now perezzhivayu Do they start earlier?
What to do? I heard that it is harmful to move, and mom does not advise. I do not use tampons. Please tell me what to do.

[3348310859] - July 9, 2011, 16:17

5. why not?

Dirt is more than water. From several countries, sewage into the Black Sea is drained, feces float completely freely.

[2310191461] - July 9, 2011, 16:21

Feces have never seen in the water, well, depending on where to go. If you know, answer 9 comments

[1090675925] - July 9, 2011, 16:22

If you go to the Black Sea, then you can not swim. There can be no monthly

It depends on which side. I was in Bulgaria, it seems clean))

[3914663190] - July 9, 2011, 16:47

Well, here in Odessa, the sea is not the cleanest in the world, but the feces do not swim, often the water is clear and even a small fish swims near the shore))

[2774050722] - July 9, 2011, 16:51

tampon change often and all

[2310191461] - July 9, 2011, 5:00 p.m.

I do not use tampons

[2310191461] - July 9, 2011, 17:17

[2306221436] - July 9, 2011, 18:47

Tampons to help you. But the first days of menstruation is better to sit on the beach. (from one day to three, depending on how many days you have your period)

[3017971066] - July 9, 2011, 19:34

can push or hurry.

do not try.
cancer can be earned.
tampons to help.
as a last resort, to put off a 2-day-lemon with sugar, for example.
it helps me.
I was advised by a girl who is engaged in swimming sports.

Related topics

[3017971066] - July 9, 2011, 19:35

and that means do not use. and you start to use.

[3424424614] - July 9, 2011, 19:52

I always used tampons (OB), there were never any problems, if you are not 10km away from the hotel, you can go into the room and replace it in a couple of hours! ? As I recall, the girl, who played kot.na on the beach, played volleyball, and she had a padding half out of her panties stuck out, all the men poked their fingers with a finger! Use tampons, nothing terrible in them, and change regularly! I have never been disturbed by my monthly rest periods, especially since they last 3-4 days

[785101260] - July 9, 2011, 20:35

Use tampons, do not forget to change in time and safely bathe!

[3400834966] - July 9, 2011, 21:35

By the way, and if not monthly, and daub will come (because I push them away), then how? as with menstruation? just afraid to catch some byaku

[3485343368] - July 9, 2011, 21:41

Use it bravely, I would use it on other days, because for some reason the locals do not swim in the sea, I was in June, the water is cold, if you go into the water, nothing bad will happen and it will come out quickly or the legs in the water, you will not have time to get wet inside, but you can still swim on the motras and do not harm yourself from the inside.

[2324237079] - July 9, 2011, 21:42

damn girl the same crap. I don’t know what to do

[1799121465] - July 10, 2011, 00:23

Tell me, who advised about lemon, when exactly should it be eaten? on which day of the cycle?

[1112603475] - July 10, 2011, 12:13

I once started such a setup. We went to Turkey before menstruation was two weeks, of course, no tampons, there were no gaskets with them, and 10 minutes before boarding the plane began! I was shocked! The first time such a glitch, on arrival at the hotel, ran behind the tampons, since there was a small shop at the hotel, it swam with a tampon, strained but what to do?

[1112603475] July 10, 2011, 12:14

Now I always take tampons with me on my trip.

[2324237079] - July 10, 2011, 12:54

how to bring the menstruation ?? tell me PZHL! I remember there were such topics but I can not find! I have a delay of 4 days, I do not know how to get tickets, but I feel that the mass is brewing

[691952353] - July 10, 2011, 20:19

Well, what do you mean "do not use tampons"?
When I see a girl on vacation with a pardon with “diapers” in shorts, I want to go up to her and give me a tampon, let her try.
In my opinion, the fact that you swim with a swab for 1-2-3 hours, and then change to a gasket, there will be less harm than nerves and spoiled vacation.
I remember the doctor said that you can swim in the sea with a tampon (but it seems to be no more than 1 hour)
Of course, it is IMPOSSIBLE to swim in the sea without any means of protection during the month.

[3400834966] - July 10, 2011, 20:41

and a tampon is protection. is there something so special about it, from which the microflora does not suffer from the seas during the months?

[682899565] July 10, 2011, 10:31 pm

And it really hurts me to insert a tampon (((And because of this I can’t insert it deep enough, I just don’t go further and that's it (and therefore I feel it. I don’t know why, maybe I’m doing something wrong?

[691952353] - July 10, 2011, 23:04

35. Guest | 07/10/2011 22:31:04
If it is painful to insert a tampon - do something wrong 100%
Especially about the fact that "it does not go any further" - look at the instructions, you apparently bent over obliquely insert it, of course, it does not climb and it hurts.
I have been using them for 10 years already, since adolescence and problems I don’t know (of course, they are NOT felt at all in the process of wearing, unlike padding).
In principle, the instructions clearly explain what and how to do there, with pictures .. I can only advise buying tampons with an applicator (for beginners it’s perfect, you don’t need to break your head, insert a thin, smooth applicator and go through it where necessary)) and get the applicator and that's it. Quick and hygienic.
Well, to buy naturally the smallest to begin with, they are different in size, they are from very small to hefty. In general, in a pharmacy, ask the smallest with an applicator, they will prompt there.