Is it possible to do a tattoo during menstruation: types of tattoo, indications, contraindications, the effect of menstruation on the quality of the procedure and anesthesia, expert advice


Masters of tattoo do not recommend permanent makeup during menstruation, as well as a few days before them. However, not all clients follow this advice. There is a popular opinion among beauty salon attendees that during the menstruation period one cannot make out lips, and it is permissible to do a tattoo of eyebrows on any day of the cycle. What is the reason for the warning of the masters and why should you listen to him?

Why the procedure can not be done on any day of the cycle?

Choosing a day for the procedure, focus on the menstrual cycle. Critical days, as well as the week before them, are an unfavorable time for tattooing, even when it comes to eyebrows. Discouraging clients from tattooing on critical days, the masters care not only about women's health, but also about their own reputation.

The work is complicated by the fact that the client's body reacts to the tattoo unpredictably. The pain in a woman increases, so the usual anesthesia for all clients may not work.

Coagulability of blood these days decreases, so even small needle punctures during the procedure can bleed. Drawing on the skin may turn out to be distorted or more pale than planned. It takes more time to heal the wounds, and the swelling of the eyebrows may be so pronounced that a woman will be embarrassed to appear in public for several days after the tattoo procedure.

The menstrual period is not a strict contraindication to permanent make-up, but some masters consider it necessary to refuse their clients tattoo in case they find out that they have critical days. No one wants to spoil his reputation with bad reviews from women who have experienced complications. Complaints are associated not only with poor health, but also with poor quality of the picture.

Possible unpleasant consequences

Monthly, pregnancy, breastfeeding - all these periods in a woman’s life are unfavorable for tattooing and permanent makeup. Why not do a tattoo in these cases? All because of the hormonal changes in the body that reduce the susceptibility of the skin to pigments. The paint may not behave as planned: change its color, blur, go stained. Should you put your health at risk if the result of the procedure may disappoint you?

A tattoo always carries the danger of an allergic reaction. Even if you are not prone to allergies, during menstruation, the risk of sudden onset increases.

After eyebrow tattooing, the following allergic complications may occur:

  • contact dermatitis,
  • toxic and allergic dermatitis,
  • pyoderma,
  • Quincke swelling.

In most cases, women complain that they experienced severe pain during a session of the tattoo, which coincided with the critical days.

There are also complaints that the swelling of the eyebrows after this procedure lasted longer than usual. Someone has bruises and hematomas. The reaction to eyebrow tattoo is very individual, and your feelings during the procedure may vary depending on the day of the cycle.

What to do if it is impossible to transfer the procedure to another day?

Is it possible to do a tattoo during menstruation, if this procedure is urgently needed and you cannot postpone it? To answer this question, listen to your body. Some women decide to apply eyebrows with a tattoo on critical days and do not experience any unpleasant sensations. Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict whether you will be included in their number.

If you feel well, you do not have heavy discharge, and you are not prone to allergic reactions, you can take the risk and make a tattoo of eyebrows on an inappropriate day. And yet, do not forget to inform the master about your condition so that a sudden deterioration in well-being does not become an unpleasant surprise for him. You may be offered stronger anesthesia.

Put off the eyebrow tattoo or its correction if:

  • you have low blood clotting,
  • during menstruation you experience pain, dizziness, drops in blood pressure,
  • your skin is prone to dermatitis,
  • You have already experienced complications after applying a tattoo.

In the period of monthly tattoos heal longer than usual. After the procedure, the eyebrows develop puffiness, then the skin is covered with crusts. Within 5-6 days the crusts should completely disappear. It is not recommended to tear them off yourself - you risk deeply damaging the skin, and a scar with an ugly bald spot will remain on your eyebrow.

Try to wash and wipe your face very carefully and without haste. It is better not to wet the crusts once more, so do not get carried away with water procedures until the tattoo heals. Severe edema after tattooing is removed using antihistamine tablets. If the drugs do not help, it is worth contacting a dermatologist.

Menstruation is not the best period for any intervention in the body. To do a tattoo on these days or not to do it is up to you, but do not forget to warn the master about your state of health. Be prepared for the fact that during menstruation eyebrows will heal longer than usual. Carefully read the tattoo care guidelines and follow them to avoid dermatological problems.

What is this procedure?

To make it easier to figure out whether you can do a tattoo during menstruation, first, let's see what this procedure is. In fact, this is the same tattooing. Only the tattoo master fills a certain pattern on the client’s body, a pattern, an inscription, and the beautician emphasizes the line of the eyebrows, saturates the lips with a selected shade, draws arrows on the eyelids.

But this is not all the features of the procedure. Today, tattooing can make lips more plump. It can be used to paint over cosmetic flaws on the face and body.

With the help of a needle tool (largely repeating a tattoo machine), the master pierces the epidermis (upper skin layer) to leave a microcapsule with pigment there. Like tattooing, this is quite a painful and dangerous process. Requires anesthesia, the use of antiseptics, complete disinfection of instruments. In a way, this is surgery.

Types of tattoo

Modern tattoo provides a lot of opportunities:

  • Lips. The procedure can change the color to the desired for the client. Make the natural shade more intense or, on the contrary, pastel. You can correct the asymmetry, visually make the lips more plump.
  • Eyebrows The procedure visually adds thickness, helps to make the lines more vivid and expressive. You can almost re-draw the desired shape of the eyebrows. At the same time, modern technologies help to get a practically natural effect.
  • Eyes. Basically, the masters draw an arrow on the upper eyelid, which makes the look more expressive. Often turn to the drawing on the lower eyelid - it visually enlarges the eyes. With the help of tattoo, you can visually change the shape of the eye, to compensate for the absence of eyelashes.
  • Minor skin defects. Tattoo helps to visually hide the visible flaws: scarks, birthmarks. By the way, it is also used to draw moles and freckles.

The main contraindications to the procedure

Can I do a tattoo during menstruation? First of all, let's get acquainted with the main contraindications to such a procedure:

  • The period of pregnancy and lactation.
  • The presence of infectious diseases, inflammations.
  • Diabetes.
  • Very sensitive skin.
  • Poor blood clotting.
  • Chronically high blood pressure.
  • Oncological diseases.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Allergy to the components of the coloring composition, means for anesthesia and so on.
  • Menstruation.

That is the answer to the question: "Can I do a tattoo during menstruation?".

Why is the procedure contraindicated?

Few will be satisfied with a concise "no" from the master. Why not do a tattoo during menstruation? Experts give a number of reasons:

  • Danger of infection, skin irritation.
  • The risk of drawing wrong lines when creating a picture of arrows, eyebrows, lips.
  • Increased probability of too bright or, on the contrary, too weak staining with pigment.
  • The likelihood of severe pain, stress state of the client.

Tattoo is not just a cosmetic procedure. This is not strong, but still stressful for the body. It can easily lead to an increase in menstrual bleeding, exacerbation of pain characteristic during menstruation.

The difficulty of the wizard

A rare girl will be able to tell how she successfully did the tattoo during her period. Such a risk is not justified by the fact that menstruation hampers the work of the master. The result - poor quality work. Each type of tattoo monthly interfere in its own way:

  • Hair tattoo (eyebrows). The effect of anesthetics is not as strong. The client feels pain - an awkward movement can prevent the master from applying a thin and precise pattern.
  • Tattooing century. Droplets of blood appear on the skin surface more often. Increased sensitivity of the client can also play a cruel joke, leading to a distortion of the intended pattern.
  • Lip tattoo Piercing the skin over the lips during menstruation can cause herpes sores.

The state of the body during menstruation

Why you should not do a tattoo of eyebrows during menstruation? Any master will answer that for a successful result of the procedure, an ideal skin condition of the client is needed. Menstruation does not help him at all. It is accompanied by the following:

  • Hormonal imbalance.
  • Hypersensitivity.
  • Reduced immunity.
  • Changes in the composition of the blood.
  • Increased secretion of sebaceous secretion.
  • Reduced elasticity of the skin.

For all these reasons, the procedure is undesirable. To make everything clear to the reader, let us examine each of the above reasons in more detail.

Changes in hormonal levels

So, during menstruation, you can do a tattoo of eyebrows? It is known that no. Primarily due to changes in the hormonal background of the client during this period.

During menstruation, progesterone and estrogen levels are significantly reduced in the body. But the share of histamine and prostaglandins increases. What is this fraught with?

The body during menstruation is very sensitive. The slightest irritation brings him discomfort. The pain threshold is markedly reduced.

It has already been mentioned that tattooing is quite a painful procedure. During menstruation, it can be quite unbearable. Even a tattoo of eyebrows will bring strong discomfort. And the procedure on such sensitive areas as the eyelids and lips can sometimes cause a state of shock and even fainting.

Elevated histamine

Why not do a tattoo during menstruation? During this period, a woman has an increased level of histamine hormone. This is bad in that an optimal soil is created for the manifestation of allergic reactions, a specific kind of edema. Irritated skin interferes with the rapid healing of wounds in the areas of needle puncture.

Puffiness causes deformation of the pattern. Therefore, an extraordinary correction will be needed to correct the shortcomings. However, the error can be so large-scale that it cannot be fixed by this method. You may have to turn even to laser removal of an incorrect pattern.

Blood loss

Menstruation is always associated with a large loss of blood by the body. Consequently, the percentage of leukocytes in the blood decreases. This adverse factor is combined with a reduced level of estrogen. All together leads to a temporary decrease in immunity during the menstrual cycle. The protective functions of the body during this period do not work at full power.

What does this mean when carrying out a tattoo? The wounds from the needle of the instrument may become inflamed and fester. Moreover, there is a great chance that the body will not cope with the infection that has penetrated through them.

Deterioration of blood clotting

If you look at the reviews on the tattoo during menstruation, you can make sure that the girls noted that the blood during the procedure was allocated more than usual. And this is not by chance.

Reduced immunity during menstruation is a reduced level of fibrinogen in the blood. Consequently, its worst coagulability. Also, during the menstrual cycle, liver function deteriorates, the body's production of vitamin K decreases (this element just improves blood clotting).

Often, girls are even more aggravated by taking painkillers (they are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory), to alleviate their condition during menstruation. These drugs further thin the blood.

What is the procedure of tattoo? The blood appears more actively through the punctured skin, it can be mixed with paint. As a result, the drawing is not intensive, less quality. In some cases, the blood can wash almost all the paint from under the skin.

Skin deterioration

The menstrual cycle is always associated with hormonal changes in the body. Not the best way it affects the skin condition. Production of a sebaceous secret increases, elasticity worsens.

The pores of the skin become clogged due to the activity of the sebaceous ducts, resulting in inflammation, acne. In this condition, skin tattooing is not safe.

Effects of the procedure

What will happen if you decide on the procedure? In reviews of eyebrow tattoo during menstruation, the following consequences of such a decision are mentioned:

  • Because of the puffiness (and at the same time, some kind of change in the shape of the face), the lines turned out to be wider, asymmetrical, or even completely not drawn in the right direction.
  • The same swelling and increased bleeding of the wounds led to the following: the color of the pattern was far from what was expected: either too intense or, on the contrary, pale. Of course, the result here is not immediately visible, but only after the skin returns to its normal state.
  • Reduced immunity leads to longer healing of wounds. In some cases, even pits and scars appeared on the site of the peeled off crust.
  • Clients felt severe pain during the procedure, often even intolerable. Due to the fact that during menstruation the pain threshold was lowered, conventional anesthetics, which are used by masters, became ineffective or completely useless.

So let's summarize. A professional tattoo artist will refuse to conduct a session during her period. A woman in such a period is vulnerable, more sensitive, her body is not ready for invasive procedures. Tattoo is best done after 5-7 days, when the body will return to normal. Then the procedure will be performed with high quality and without negative consequences.

Main contraindications

Tattoo is almost a surgical intervention in our body, so before this procedure, you should always consult a doctor. Permanent makeup has a number of contraindications. In some cases, you can just wait, but due to serious reasons you will have to completely abandon this procedure.

  • pregnancy and breastfeeding,
  • inflammatory and viral diseases,
  • diabetes,
  • poor blood clotting,
  • very sensitive skin,
  • high pressure,
  • oncology or epilepsy,
  • menstruation,
  • allergy.

Why you can not do a tattoo on critical days?

The main problem is that during menstruation the sensitivity is exacerbated. Experts advise during this period to abandon the tattoo, as the procedure may seem very painful.

In addition, hormonal changes and the state of the psycho-emotional system are changing, so it’s better to wait a little while your period ends. It should be noted that the quality of pigment deposition depends on the state of health of the client, therefore, we cannot ignore the recommendations of specialists.

Abundant blood discharge, low pain threshold during critical days are the main reason for refusing to permanently apply makeup for some time. Take your time, it is better to wait a week, but the tattoo will turn out much better and there will be no discomfort during this procedure.

During menstruation, the defenses of the female body are reduced, and after applying the tattoo, the healing of wounds on the skin will occur more slowly, and the temperature may even rise. It is no secret that weakness is felt on critical days, rapid fatigue sets in. Many women note that if you do a tattoo during menstruation, then often after this procedure, a headache, dizziness appears. On ordinary days, such unpleasant symptoms are practically not observed.

Probable complications

The period of menstruation is not an absolute contraindication to applying a tattoo, but by doing this procedure during critical days, you can face a number of problems:

  • Increased skin sensitivity may cause an overreaction,
  • Anesthesia on such days is not always effective,
  • menstrual periods cause hormonal disturbances, which can cause discoloration or pigment rejection,
  • weakened state during menstruation increases malaise,
  • increased blood loss slows down the healing process after tattooing.

But there is still a small nuance. In the last and first days of menstruation, a large amount of fluid is retained in a woman’s body. During this period, wounds may protrude more blood.This violates the introduction of pigment and increases the time of the wizard. The best time for the tattoo will be the middle of the cycle.

But every woman's body functions in its own way. For some women, this procedure is normal and during menstruation. Other girls better pick more favorable days. Properly chosen time will allow you to do a beautiful tattoo and less painful.

It is worth remembering that you can not risk health for the sake of beauty. During menstruation, there is a high probability that the procedure will be done incorrectly and complications will appear - to the extent that it will be necessary to carry out further correction or completely remove the tattoo. So, experts are calling for initially correct time for permanent makeup. This will allow you to become beautiful without experiencing unpleasant and painful sensations during and after the procedure.

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Type of permanent makeup

The pigment is injected into the skin with various technologies:

  1. Hair method. Because of the drawing of each hair, even anesthesia can not remove all the pain.
  2. Shooting The introduction of pigment is minimal (up to 4 mm), so many women more easily tolerate the creation of thin strokes more easily.
  3. Feather paint. It is used exclusively for eyebrow correction with the creation of a feathered background.

During the menstruation, the last two techniques are allowed, but the drawing of hairs is undesirable.

Who can do tattooing eyebrows during menstruation

Critical days are not an absolute contraindication. When answering the question of whether microbleeding can be done during menstruation, you need to evaluate your health.

Tattoo during menstruation is allowed under the following conditions:

  • small bleeding,
  • lack of acne and redness,
  • high pain threshold
  • no painful periods,
  • good skin healing,
  • minor intervention.

It is important to know that there is still the risk of a long recovery period and a reduction in the quality of work. Therefore, tattooing lips, eyebrows, arrows on the eyes, other tattoos, it is advisable to postpone until the completion of monthly bleeding.


Such procedures are undesirable not only during menstruation. There are a number of general contraindications:

  • high body temperature,
  • malaise,
  • poor blood clotting,
  • diabetes,
  • propensity to form keloids (scars)
  • skin problems in a particular area,
  • bronchial asthma,
  • the postoperative period,
  • use of antibiotics
  • skin diseases
  • pregnancy,
  • breastfeeding period
  • taking certain medications.

Weakened immunity during menstruation can worsen a woman’s well-being. A cosmetic intervention in this period will further aggravate the situation. Therefore, a good and experienced master will first advise the client to find out the possible reasons for the transfer of the tattoo or complete rejection of it.

Many of the salon procedures are not recommended during critical days. Follow the link to find out if you can cut your hair during menstruation.

Reasons for refusing the procedure

Women who have undergone a similar procedure at least once do not need to explain why you cannot do a tattoo during your period. Beginners in this matter should be familiar with all possible complications and consequences.

At the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the body produces special substances. They force the uterus to contract hard in order to remove the retracted endometrium more quickly. But prostaglandins over-excite nociceptors, which increases the sensitivity of the skin.

The pain is strongest when it affects the lips and the areas near them, because the largest number of receptors is noted here. More tolerant when working on the eyebrows, but there were situations when clients lost consciousness during microblading against the background of menstruation. And anesthesia (gels, etc.) may be ineffective due to changes in hormonal levels during menstrual flow.

Risk of bleeding

Work occurs with damage to microvessels. With good blood clotting, a woman recovers faster after pigment is introduced into the skin. With menstrual discharge, the work of the hemostasis system worsens. And this has a negative effect:

  • on the rate of skin healing,
  • on the quality of the result of the work of a specialist.

As a result, there is irritation of the skin, crusts and unattractive dents after they fall. As well as the master on the background of abundant blood in places of impact will be more difficult to draw the exact contour.

Probability of inflammation

Skin rashes are a consequence of blockage and inflammation of pores. Before menstruation, progesterone prevails. This hormone causes an increased production of not only subcutaneous fat, but also secretory fluid. Skin problems in the working area is a direct contraindication for tattooing both before menstruation and on any other day of the cycle.

Inflammation may occur several days after the procedure. And the problem lies not in the mistakes of the master, which are fraught with the introduction of infection. Even clean tools and adherence to technology do not protect against the subsequent penetration of bacteria through damage in the epidermis. The reason lies in the decrease in the volume of immune cells, which are not enough to provide protection.

The quality of the tattoo and allergies

To fill the exact and beautiful makeup may not work. The same applies to ordinary tattoos. At the beginning of the cycle, the lack of sex hormones directly affects how the body perceives paint. There are several options:

  • too dull color
  • very bright shade
  • uneven tattoo,
  • severe allergies.

The same applies to change the color of hair. According to hairdressers, it is not necessary to dye hair during menstruation due to the risk of the listed deficiencies.

Probability of defects

Another reason not to beat during monthly tattoos or to refuse a tattoo is an increased edema during critical days. A large amount of fluid accumulates in the face, and not only in the limbs. Therefore, the quality of makeup is reduced, and the problem may appear in the following:

  • asymmetry of arrows, eyebrows, lip contour,
  • unnatural nature of the tattoo,
  • unexpected shade
  • uneven lines
  • spotty staining.

To eliminate defects, you will need to repeat the procedure. But sometimes the error of paint is no longer correct.

On which day of the cycle you can do a tattoo

At various sites you can find reviews and comments, in which experts and ordinary users recommend to postpone the application of permanent in the middle of the cycle.

The most inappropriate period is 2-3 days before the bleeding and the menstruation itself.

If you do a tattoo on the right day, the damage heals faster, reducing the risk of inflammation and defects. But girls need to:

  • refuse to apply cosmetics in this area,
  • systematically soak the nugget with a clean cloth,
  • don't rip off the crust
  • Do not go to the solarium.

Any specialist will answer equally to the question of whether it is possible to beat a tattoo during monthly periods or to apply permanent makeup. The procedure is not prohibited, but it is worth weighing the pros and cons. Many masters do not advise making tattoos during menstruation. There is no direct health hazard, but the condition of the body and the hormonal levels explain the need to abandon any such procedures. There is a risk of negative consequences, even if you follow all the recommendations of the master during the recovery period.

What is a tattoo

Permanent make-up (tattoo) is a cosmetic procedure in which a colored pigment is injected into the upper layers of the skin with a needle. It allows you to emphasize the contours of the lips, eyes, eyebrows. Unlike tattoos, tattoo artists use a short, thin needle. Shallow punctures are made in the skin, into which the coloring pigment is placed.

Due to surface penetration, permanent makeup remains on the skin not just like an ordinary tattoo, but only for several years.

Eyebrow permanent procedure is considered to be the least painful compared with the manipulation of the lips, eyes or nipples. The technique of eyebrow shaping, in which skin is not punctured with a needle, but shallow cuts with a special thin blade, is called microblading.

The duration of the procedure is usually two hours. After the procedure of applying a tattoo, you can forget about eyeliner, eyebrow pencil for a long time, you just need to make a short correction once every 5-6 months.

According to the comments of the girls who have decided on this procedure, the correction is practically painless and does not last as long as the drawing itself.

Let us consider in more detail whether it is possible to do permanent makeup and microblading during menstruation or it is necessary to wait for them to finish.

Possible side effects

Before giving final consent to the procedure, you should familiarize yourself with the possible unpleasant consequences. We list the side effects that can occur if you hold a tattoo during menstruation:

  • if the phrase about the monthly “days of bed and pills” is about you, then, definitely, you should postpone the session. The pain during the tattoo can be so unbearable that it will lead to fainting,
  • the number of leukocytes in the blood decreases - it threatens with inflammation in places of damage. The skin at the beginning of the menstrual cycle and so prone to rashes, the appearance of pimples - healing will be long and painful,
  • Edema often accompanies critical days. Excess fluid is also formed on the face, which can lead to permanent make-up defects such as asymmetry, loss of naturalness of the lines, spotty staining,
  • The composition of the pigment includes chemicals that can cause an increased allergic reaction in the client,
  • blood on the skin at the puncture site will appear more intense. Mixing with it, the pigment can lose its saturation, it does not fix well on the skin.

The effect of critical days on skin healing

Doctors do not recommend carrying out the procedure of permanent makeup during menstruation. The sensitivity of the skin these days increased. Pigment injections during a session can be perceived very painfully, and it will be difficult to hold out until the end of the procedure.

Is it true that if you make a tattoo on critical days, will it stay less? Not that will keep less. The term of the pigment so two or three years. Healing may be worse, because the body at this time is occupied by a completely different. In addition, everyone knows that women in critical days and PMS feel more pain. More blood is released, so the master will be uncomfortable to work. Plus, women swell at this time, so that the result may differ from the plan.

Is it true that if you make a tattoo on critical days, will it stay less? Not that will keep less. The term of the pigment so two or three years. Healing may be worse, because the body at this time is occupied by a completely different. In addition, everyone knows that women in critical days and PMS feel more pain. More blood is released, so the master will be uncomfortable to work. Plus, women swell at this time, so that the result may differ from the plan.

The immune system also undergoes changes, its level of protection is reduced. The recovery process may be delayed, because the female body due to menstrual bleeding is not able to direct all forces to the healing of the affected soft tissues. All resources of the body during menstruation are aimed at protecting and updating the reproductive system.

Complications after tattooing during critical days

If you ignore the advice of doctors, there may be serious complications, we list the main ones:

  • painkillers may not work, the client will feel pain,
  • color on the skin after the procedure may differ from the expected,
  • the master will be prevented by copious discharge of blood droplets at the puncture site.

Specialists and professional masters come to the conclusion that tattooing is not recommended during menstruation, you should wait at least a week after they have finished. During this time, the immunity will be restored, the blood clotting index will return to normal, and the skin sensitivity will decrease.

Therefore, planning to visit a cosmetology clinic, you need to take into account the peculiarities of your cycle.

Other contraindications

Applying permanent makeup has other contraindications. Select the main ones:

  • low blood clotting
  • high temperature
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding,
  • oncological diseases,
  • birthmarks, rashes, skin diseases,
  • viral, inflammatory diseases,
  • nervous or mental disorders
  • allergic to cosmetics, pigments, anesthetics,
  • diabetes,
  • taking blood thinners - Analgin, Aspirin and others,
  • antibiotic treatment.

If at least one of these factors is present, the tattoo procedure cannot be performed.

The final decision, whether or not to agree to the manipulation, remains with the client. Experts can not prohibit, but recommend to transfer the session, if its date coincides with the critical days. After all, the results of an unsuccessfully performed procedure will subsequently have to be removed by conducting several painful correction sessions, and possible side effects and complications could harm your health.

Areas for tattoo

The advantage of tatuzh is that with its help you can not only draw yourself beautiful eyebrows, but also hide certain skin defects. With it, the girl's appearance becomes more expressive and there is no need for daily makeup. Modern cosmetology tool will help eliminate some of the imperfections that were given by nature.

  1. A frequent occurrence is eye make-up. With this procedure, the girls make their eyes more expressive, and also increase their size (visually).
  2. Eyebrow tattoo allows you to adjust their shape and make the lines more expressive. So you can fix the problem with not enough thick eyebrows and correct their shape.
  3. Every year more and more women dream to increase their lips, at least visually. Permanent makeup helps in this, creating special contours. Asymmetry and lip color can also be corrected.
  4. Some girls do tattooing nipples, lightening them and eliminating certain asymmetries.
  5. Sometimes a mock-up or freckles are drawn on the face. You can also mask the scar or pigment spot.

The essence of the procedure

Understanding exactly how permanent makeup is performed, it will be possible to unequivocally answer the question of whether it is possible to do a tattoo during menstruation.

The essence of the process is to get paint particles under the skin, as they do in an ordinary tattoo parlor. A woman uses a special needle to pierce the skin in order to saturate the epidermis with micro particles of paint. Such a procedure is very painful even if there are no monthly. For this reason, salon visitors are given local anesthesia.

Pigment is injected under the upper layers of the skin.

Although the result should hold up to five years, but it is recommended to make an additional procedure. After one and a half to two months, it may be necessary to introduce another ink under the skin. During this time, it will be seen how evenly the paint is distributed after the first procedure and whether it is as bright as we would like. Usually, the desired effect is not achieved the first time and you have to go for a correction. It happens that on the day of the correction monsters come to the woman. So there are certain dangers in this regard.

Masters do their job efficiently, because it will be almost impossible to correct inaccuracies. For this reason, the procedure lasts a couple of hours. You need to rely on such terms, making a tattoo of eyebrows during menstruation. Lips can do a little faster, but they usually last the longest on the eyebrows.

Monthly as a contraindication for tattoo

Painful recipes for menstruation are especially active and react to any irritants. The pain can become especially unbearable if the procedure is performed on the lips. In this place there are especially many receptors. Women often ask if you can do a tattoo of eyebrows during menstruation. Eyebrows girl plucks regularly and has become accustomed to pain in this area. However, even this habit, developed over the years, does not allow us to talk about the admissibility of the eyebrow tattoo on critical days.

Problems can arise not only during the procedure, but also after it. The answer to the question why you can not do a tattoo during menstruation, is the reaction of the female body on critical days.

  1. The irritability appearing in menstruation does not contribute to calm sitting in the chair during the procedure.
  2. Mood changes also cause some inconvenience.
  3. Purulent rashes on the skin and acne on the face are clearly not conducive to the success of tattooing in nearby places.If these areas of skin are damaged, the adjacent areas can also become inflamed. Due to the activation of the sebaceous and sweat glands during this period it is difficult to predict how much fat and secret fluid will be excreted by the body. Their excess adversely affects the skin and reduces the chances of success of the procedure.
  4. Wounds during menstruation heal much longer than on other days. It typically takes 5-7 days to heal after permanent makeup wounds, but due to menstruation, this period can be doubled.
  5. The risk of allergies increases during regulation due to contact with the components of the coloring pigments.

List of general contraindications

If a girl does decide on such a painful procedure during menstruation, then you need to think about other contraindications that are not related to the female cycle. It is necessary to refuse to do permanent makeup during menstruation, if there are serious contraindications:

  • cancer,
  • diabetes,
  • epilepsy,
  • presence of moles in the treatment area,
  • heat,
  • Hiv
  • hepatitis,
  • herpes,
  • conjunctivitis (if the work will be done with eyebrows or eyelids),
  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • poor blood clotting,
  • skin diseases in the area of ​​the procedure,
  • tendency to form colloidal scars,
  • asthma,
  • chronic liver and kidney disease
  • period of treatment for any disease.


No need to do a tattoo during menstruation. The ideal time for such a procedure, taking into account the female cycle, is the period from the fifth day after the end of the month to the fifth day before they start. The remaining two weeks are more than enough to make the procedure and adjustment after a month and a half.

If you really want to do everything now and wait a week is impossible, then it is worth postponing the procedure, at least on the last day of your period. A good master will not perform permanent makeup of the girl during menstruation. He will simply refuse such a procedure and this will be the right decision.

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Eyebrow permanent makeup

During the tattoo, the tool penetrates the epidermis and leaves a piece of paint in the microcapsule. The process is painful and dangerous, for this reason, tattooing during menstruation is not recommended. In fact, this procedure can be equated to surgery, it is done with the use of anesthetics, there are contraindications for it.

But beauty is very important for women. For example, thanks to permanent eyebrow makeup or hair dyeing, the desired image is created more quickly and easily in the process of daily appearance care. Indelible drawing makes more expressive than just eyebrows. It can be applied to the eyelids. Tattoo emphasizes the shape of the lips, corrects cosmetic defects on the face, body. For this, women are ready for many sacrifices.

Performing a tattoo design or its correction on critical days faces many difficulties. Using anesthetics, on ordinary days, complex hair tattooing of eyebrows can be done, albeit long, but quite successfully. During menstruation, applying fine, thin lines is problematic. The appearance of blood droplets and increased skin sensitivity make it difficult for the master to act. Tattooing of the eye area during menstruation can lead to a distortion of the intended pattern and cause harm to the female appearance. Piercing the skin over the lips in the process of tattooing on critical days provokes herpetic eruptions.

Opinion of masters

How to make a beautiful tattoo eyebrows and can I do it during menstruation? To achieve the desired result, the skin condition before the tattoo should be as close as possible to the ideal. Critical days do not contribute to this. They are characterized by:

  • changes in hormonal balance
  • increased sensitivity
  • reduced immunity
  • changes in blood composition
  • increased fat content and a decrease in skin elasticity.

To understand the mechanism of the influence of menstruation and the answer to the question of why you can not do a tattoo during menstruation, consider all the reasons in detail.

  1. The onset of menstrual bleeding is associated with a significant decrease in the body's level of estrogen and progesterone, an increase in the level of prostaglandins and histamine. Because of prostaglandins, the body becomes very sensitive to the slightest pain and irritation. Even tattooing eyebrows during menstruation is unbearable, not to mention the procedure on the lips or eyelids. Sore skin can cause shock or fainting.
  2. Increasing the level of histamine on critical days creates the basis for the manifestation of allergic reactions, the emergence of specific edema. The presence of irritation affects the healing of wounds in the places of punctures. Puffiness leads to deformation of the pattern and the need for its extraordinary correction. At the same time, the error in the pattern may be so large that even the correction will not be able to cope with it.
  3. With the onset of critical days, there is a large loss of blood. This is accompanied by a decrease in the number of leukocytes in the blood. In combination with a reduced level of estrogen, this factor leads to a temporary decrease in immunity, deterioration of the protective mechanisms. More than usual, wounds are susceptible to infection, inflammation or suppuration, including after the completion of a tattoo.
  4. Due to a decrease in immunity, the amount of fibrinogen in the blood decreases, its normal clotting is disturbed. When menstruation worsens liver function, a deficiency of vitamin K is created, which improves blood clotting. Acceptance of painkillers related to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs adds blood flow. As a result, when piercing, blood flows through the skin and can be mixed with paint. This contributes to changing the brightness of the tattoo, pushing the paint from under the skin from the skin, worsening the quality of the pattern.
  5. Hormonal restructuring on the eve of menstruation creates conditions for the appearance of excessive greasiness of the skin, reducing its elasticity. The pores, especially in the T-zone, become clogged due to the increased activity of the sebaceous ducts, expand, create conditions for inflammation and the appearance of acne. Therefore, to do a tattoo of eyebrows on critical days is not safe.

Causes of side effects after tattooing during menstruation

By their nature, tattooing is just as serious an intervention as the surgical master makes puncturing the top layer of the skin with a thin needle of a special apparatus, which is why consultation with a specialist on this issue is mandatory. Indeed, one of the contraindications to the creation of such a permanent makeup is the menstrual cycle.

It is not uncommon for masters to refuse to make a second correction or make-up during menstruation with their clients.

On critical days, the body of any woman is under severe stress, as the level of hormones changes dramatically, the immunity decreases, the general condition worsens. It becomes poorly susceptible to any procedure, as a result of which their effectiveness in this period sharply deteriorates. Therefore, the result of cosmetic procedures, including tattoo, is often unsatisfactory, and clients remain dissatisfied.

Problems encountered during and after the procedure:

  1. In the period of menstruation for many of the fair sex the whole process may seem rather painful. Because of the lowering of the pain threshold, sensitivity is exacerbated, so even the most simple effect, for example, tattooing eyebrows, causes extremely unpleasant sensations. It is possible that the client may lose consciousness from the pain during the session.
  2. On critical days in the body of a woman there is an excess amount of fluid, as a result, blood clotting decreases. Often, during the introduction of dye, the skin begins to bleed more, so the process of pigment introduction is significantly complicated, and the quality of the wizard’s work is significantly reduced.
  3. The hormonal changes that have changed during the period of menstruation can provoke a change in the color of the coloring matter or even its rejection. The resulting shade may be the opposite of what you want, and this will cause a new pigmentation session to correct errors. Therefore, the probability of the appearance of unnecessary and unexpected scars is not excluded.
  4. Anesthesia used during the procedure during menstruation may act ineffectively or not at all.

When such difficulties arise, the features of each female organism play an important role. For example, many ladies do not even notice the difference either during the procedure or as a result of it during critical days. But not everyone was so lucky. Statistics show that the quality of a tattoo is often directly dependent on the presence or absence of menstruation on the day of the procedure.

Professional cosmetologists advise you to do a tattoo only five or six days after the end of the month, planning to visit a beauty salon with regard to its cycle.

Possible consequences

In order not to harm their appearance and not aggravate the general condition of the body, it is necessary to follow the rules and recommendations for the implementation of the tattoo. This includes restrictions on the application of a permanent pattern for menstruation. Violation of this restriction may have undesirable consequences, such as:

  • due to edema and changes in the shape of the areas of the face, the lines may be too wide, asymmetrical or applied in the wrong direction,
  • due to increased bleeding of wounds and edemas in the process of applying the pigment, the color of the colors will be distorted, which will lead to an undesirable brightness or pallor of the pattern after restoring the normal state of the skin,
  • due to reduced immunity, the healing of the crust will be too long, which can lead to scars and pits on the skin after peeling,
  • Before menstruation, an increase in hormones occurs that create conditions in the body for release from the endometrium through stimulation of uterine contractions, which makes the receptors too sensitive and immune to anesthesia, which means the likelihood of no effect from the anesthetics used while reducing the pain threshold - the pain will become so unbearable that can faint.

Professional master cosmetologist client, which has come monthly, tattooing will not do. Changes in the body, necessary for this phase of the menstrual cycle, make a woman too weak, vulnerable, nervous. This period is not the best time for invasive procedures. Therefore, it is better to return to the tattoo in 5-7 days, when the body will undergo a hormonal restructuring and return to normal. Permanent makeup, made under such conditions, will be made with high quality and without complications.

How menstruation affects the healing of the crust

Although tattooing eyebrows or lips is considered a safe method, professionals put it on a par with surgical intervention. During pigmentation, shallow punctures of the upper layer of the epidermis are made, and a coloring pigment is injected. Then there is the healing of the crust, which lasts about 3-5 days. First the suckling oozes out of the wounds, then it dries out, begins to peel off and fall off.

If there are contraindications, serious diseases, the procedure is prohibited. The ban also applies to situations where a woman is pregnant, breastfeeding. During the period of menstruation also can not be recorded on the session, if they are painful, abundant.

During this period, the female body is weakened, experiencing hormonal changes. The level of immunity decreases markedly, which slows the drying and healing of the crust.

Punctures in the period of menstruation heal worse for the following reasons:

  1. Even if all the tools of the master are sterile, and he himself works in disposable gloves, the risk of infection is still there. Often, inflammation occurs when improper care in the home. The reason lies in a decrease in the level of white blood cells due to significant blood loss.
  2. The decrease in puffiness slows down due to the increased sensitivity of the skin, reducing the body's defenses during the menstrual cycle. Any wound heals longer, especially if the girl feels very unwell, notes a deterioration in well-being.
  3. The injected pigment is alien for the organism, so the cells will reject it as much as possible. This will especially affect those women who, because of the onset of menstruation, will increase blood secretion in the places of punctures. Mixing pigment with blood causes its strong clarification, reduced resistance.
  4. At the puncture site may begin inflammation, suppuration. Antiseptic ointments can be applied only a certain number of times, therefore, if the condition worsens, you will need to consult a doctor for long-term treatment.

Whether or not to do a tattoo on such days, only the client decides. It’s stupid to hide your state of health from the employee of the salon, because the quality of the final result, the clarity of the contour and the shading of paint directly depend on this. Sometimes micropigmentation is successful, but most often the result of the work with accuracy is impossible to predict. It may turn out such a contour, as in the photo below.

Possible complications during menstruation

The onset of menstruation is a cosmetic contraindication for pigmenting the lips or eyebrows. Salon workers on such days usually refuse to do a tattoo or conduct a second correction. Due to the increased sensitivity, the pain threshold may decrease, bleeding of wounds may begin. If you can transfer the session, it is advisable to move the date by 6-7 days. In addition, it should be remembered that a full recovery lasts about 2-3 weeks, requiring repeated correction to enhance the color.

Possible complications:

There is no medical ban on tattooing during menstruation, but skin sensitivity during this period increases. Even eyebrow micropigmentation will cause severe pain, not to mention permanent lip makeup. Of course, if you wish, you can suffer pain, but it is better to wait a week until the end of the menstrual cycle. Beauty, according to some women, requires sacrifice, but risking one's health for a few days is at least silly.

  • Anesthesia during menstruation is less pronounced, may not work at all.
  • Due to changes in hormonal background, the pigment composition may change its color or not at all to gain a foothold. You can get quite the opposite shade, paint over which will later be difficult. Correction of mistakes with a new pigmentation session or removal of the coloring composition with a laser will be required. The consequences of such alterations are often scars, visible colloidal scars.
  • Strengthening the bleeding of wounds will prevent the master from applying the pigment along the contour and doing the work qualitatively.
  • If a girl feels bad, using a typewriter with needles will worsen a painful condition, will increase malaise, pain.

During menstruation and 2-3 days before they start, it is better not to have a tattoo of eyebrows or lips, so as not to not get inflammation, rash of herpes as a result.

When the female body is weakened by blood loss, there is a chance of getting a complication even if you follow all the rules of care. Especially carefully it is necessary to approach pigmentation, if there is a tendency to rash herpes. Be sure to drink a course of anti-herpes drugs a week before the session, start taking any vitamin complex. If precautions are not followed, the result can be as disastrous as in the photo below.

Many experts advise girls to do permanent makeup only 5-6 days after the completion of menstruation. You should plan a visit to the salon, taking into account the peculiarities of your cycle, warning the master about a possible session transfer. This will avoid inflammation, infection. It is better to worry about your health in advance than to blame someone, to be treated by a surgeon or a cosmetologist.

The effect of menstruation on the skin repair process

The menstruation period is marked by a decrease in immunity, so after the session, many girls have a fever, a headache, dizziness. It usually takes up to five days to heal wounds after tattooing, but due to weakening of the body, the process of regeneration of the skin is much slower..

  1. Due to improper home care, infection is possible (even if the instruments of the master are absolutely sterile). Since a large blood loss leads to a decrease in the level of protection of the immune system from exposure to microbes, the body is extremely susceptible to various bacteria during this period.
  2. Skin cells will reject the pigment by all means due to the fact that it is an alien substance for them. Это может привести к сильному выделению крови в местах проколов, а допустить смешение крови с краской нельзя, так как это уменьшит ее устойчивость и сильно осветлит.
  3. In places punctures may appear boils, inflammation, suppuration. Due to the fact that any wound, even a small scratch, during menstruation heals very slowly due to a decrease in the number of leukocytes, an appeal to a specialist can be a first necessity.

Key recommendations

Naturally, at the legislative level, the procedure of conducting a tattoo during the menstrual cycle is not prohibited. A woman cannot be forcibly forced to abandon a session on improving her own appearance. However, most experts strongly recommend that during menstruation you should not do or hide your real state of health from the master. Such a reasonable approach will help to emphasize beauty and not experience unpleasant, sometimes painful sensations.

The main thing is to understand that true beauty does not require sacrifice. To be beautiful, you need to monitor your health and carefully improve the nature of this shell.