When taking contraceptives - Dimia - no periods - the norm or cause for panic? one


The most effective method of contraception, which is popular in Western European countries and Russia, is the use of hormonal pills, including estrogen and gestagen.

Currently, many different drugs have been developed with minimal side effects, one of which is Dimia. Reviews of this new drug indicate its good tolerability and the occurrence of side effects only in a small number of women.

Components of the drug

The drug contains two types of tablets: 24 tablets containing 0.02 ethinyl estradiol and 3 mg of drospirenone, and 4 tablets, which are dummies. This is done for the convenience of women. The first 24 pills are taken one at a time every day at a certain time of the day. Women most often put a reminder on a mobile phone. It is part of its hormones provide a contraceptive effect.

After that, you need a break in taking pills for the occurrence of menstruation. 4 placebo tablets allow you to not interrupt the drug "Dimia". In order not to get confused with taking contraceptives and taking pills daily, it is these pacifiers that are used. This ensures that the contraceptive is used continuously.

How does the drug

Ethinylestradiol in the composition of the drug supports the proliferation or proliferation of the endometrium, thereby providing the so-called cycle control - the absence of intermenstrual bleeding when taking the drug "Dimia". Reviews of doctors suggest that in the absence of a sufficient amount of estradiol in the ovaries while taking any oral contraceptive, synthetic ethinyl estradiol replaces its production.

Drospirenone is a synthetic progestogen, a derivative of spironolactone, which has a number of effects that cause the contraceptive effect of the drug. It:

  • secretory degeneration of the endometrium, which is caused by estrogen,
  • interacting with progesterone receptors, it prevents the release of gonadotropins by the pituitary gland, which leads to the suppression of ovulation,
  • It blocks the receptors of other hormones-steroids: androgens, glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids, which reduces the risk of various side effects that are characteristic of various hormonal contraceptives.

Side Effects of Dimia

Due to the low content of hormones in the preparation with its correct use of pronounced side effects are not observed. This can be found by reading the reviews. "Dimia" - birth control pills that cause minor unpleasant symptoms:

  • headache, dizziness,
  • flatulence, nausea, vomiting,
  • dyskinesia
  • constant mastodynia - breast tension,
  • increase in blood pressure numbers
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • disturbances in the blood coagulation system,
  • convulsions
  • nervousness, irritability, depression,
  • low libido,
  • significant weight gain,
  • hemorrhage between menstruation,
  • breakthrough bleeding,
  • no menstruation after taking the drug.

Each side effect depends on individual intolerance and adherence to or non-compliance with the recommendations at the time when the pills "Dimia" are used. Reviews of women say that when taking these pills, the general state of health is normalized, the skin condition improves - seborrhea and acne disappear, swelling decreases, symptoms of premenstrual tension are eliminated. In the study of blood is determined by the decrease in testosterone and there are normal indicators of protein and lipid composition of blood. It was noted that while taking these pills for 3 months, women lost an average of 0.8 kg.

Contraindications for oral contraceptive use

There are absolute and relative contraindications to taking the drug "Dimia". Instructions for use (reviews of doctors also warn about this) prohibits the use of the drug when:

  • deep and superficial vein thrombosis,
  • complex surgical intervention, after which long-term rehabilitation is provided,
  • congenital thrombophilia with an increased level of blood clotting,
  • IHD, stroke,
  • hypertension when the numbers are above 160 systolic and 100 diastolic pressure,
  • complicated valvular heart disease,
  • a combination of two or more risk factors: age 35 years or more, smoking more than 10 cigarettes a day, diabetes, hypertension,
  • liver disease,
  • migraines with and without focal neurological symptoms,
  • diabetes for over 20 years
  • breast cancer,
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Also, it is not recommended to take the remedy if the woman suffered a pulmonary embolism. There are relative contraindications in which the appointment of the drug is possible, but it is worth doing it with accuracy after a preliminary examination of the woman. In each case, you should start taking the drug after talking with your doctor.

How often do I need to visit a doctor

A woman should be under the supervision of her gynecologist when she takes Dimia tablets. Patient reviews testify to this. It is advisable to visit the gynecologist need every six months. At the same time, examination with taking cytological smears, colposcopy, palpation of the mammary glands, blood pressure control is necessary, if necessary - a special examination: ultrasound, biochemical blood tests, etc.

Proper use of pills

Only an obstetrician-gynecologist, taking into account indications and contraindications, sets the rules for taking Dimia tablets. Feedback from women that the drug can be used and prescribed independently without harm to health, can not be considered true. This can lead to undesirable complications.

Primary intake of oral contraceptive should be prescribed from the first day of the cycle. If the pills are started from day 5 and later, additional use of other methods of contraception is required.

After an abortion at any time and after a septic interruption, reception begins immediately on the same day. After delivery, the drug is not shown. If there is no lactation, then you can start from 21 days.

Recommendations for women applying "Dimia"

There are a number of recommendations for patients who take Dimia birth control pills. Reviews show that if you follow these tips, the negative effect of the drug on the body will decrease. Doctors advise:

  • stop smoking
  • Do not skip taking pills
  • take pills at one time, preferably at bedtime,
  • have on hand the “Rules for forgotten pills”,
  • if intermenstrual bleeding occurs during the first three months of admission, you should consult a doctor to determine the cause,
  • with amenorrhea, pregnancy should be excluded,
  • if the drug is discontinued, pregnancy may occur in the first month,
  • concomitant use of Dimia and antibiotics or anticonvulsants reduces the contraceptive effect,
  • with the occurrence of vomiting or diarrhea, it is necessary to supplement the intake with another pill,
  • the appearance of severe headache, cardiac pain, acute visual impairment, dyspnea, jaundice, and an increase in blood pressure above normal numbers suggests that an urgent need to refuse to take the drug and consult a doctor.

Analogs of the drug "Dimia"

The drug is manufactured by the Hungarian company "Gedeon Richter." "Jess", "Midiana", "Yarin" are 100% analogues of the contraceptive "Dimia". Instructions, reviews suggest that the composition of these drugs does not differ from the Hungarian drug, the contraceptive effect and side effects are the same, but the price of Dimia is much lower, which is most convenient for women who must take a contraceptive during the year.

Treatment of gynecological diseases

It should be noted that the drug "Dimia" is also used to treat certain diseases. Reviews gynecologists talk about its positive effect in the treatment of such diseases: endometriosis, fibromyoma, polycystic ovary syndrome, iron deficiency anemia at reproductive age, premenstrual syndrome and menstrual dysfunction.

Also, for the prevention of endometrial hyperplastic processes, Dimia tablets are used. Reviews of doctors who prefer this particular drug are positive. After examining patients while taking the drug, they note that women have a significantly reduced endometrial thickness, which reduces the risk of developing cancer of the uterus, as well as the mammary glands.

We can not say about the positive effects on the reproductive function of tablets "Dimia". Testimonials from both doctors and patients indicate that after using this drug for three to four months (after discontinuation of treatment), withdrawal syndrome occurs and pregnancy occurs.

In the first month of admission

Dimia, like most popular birth control pills, is a monophasic contraceptive. This has its pros and cons. The advantages include the fact that due to the low concentration of hormones in each tablet, the incidence of side effects is lower. But the woman's body from the moment of puberty functions cyclically, it is through these processes that growth and maturation of the follicles, the release of the egg occurs. Every minute the level of hormones fluctuates in one direction or another. Therefore, it is so difficult to treat any violations of their production.

A similar picture can develop in two cases:

  • On the background of taking contraceptives, the girl had no complaints. But in due time, menstruation did not come. You should not worry, if the schedule of drug use is not violated, such an organism reaction is allowed. It should take a break of four days, as it should be, and then start the next package. As a rule, next month everything is getting better.
  • It happens that while taking hormonal contraceptives a woman has periodic spotting during the whole cycle. Sometimes they are quite abundant and bring a lot of anxiety and discomfort. In this case, there are scant monthly periods after taking Dimia, or there are none at all. The fact is that the endometrium does not have time to grow due to the constant daub. In most cases, everything is normalized in the second month of administration. If no further menstruation, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Lost cycle

You should know that menstrual bleeding occurs only on the abolition of the drug. But some girls noticed that, against the background of Dimia’s use, menstruation started earlier than all active pills were completed. This is allowed.

It also happens that women for some reason do not finish part of the package, after which they begin to daub. The beginning of such discharge should be considered the first day of the new cycle. Not knowing this, the girls are waiting for the next monthly according to the “old” schedule, and are worried when they are not there.

The menstrual cycle is normal

After complete abolition of the drug

Finishing packing and deciding not to drink hormonal pills anymore, many people think that the cycle will be kept regular. However, this is not always the case. Own hormones are restored within 2 to 4 months, sometimes up to six months. At this time, various failures may occur.

Often, after the cancellation of Dimia, there is no monthly for several months. This happens in the following cases:

  • If and before the appointment of hormonal drugs for women were observed irregular menstruation. After all, taking pills, the effect is fixed only for the period of treatment, a maximum of a month or two after discontinuation of the drug. Then own hormones are restored with the same violations as they were before.
  • If a woman takes contraception for several years. The longer this contraceptive method is used, the harder it is for the ovaries to regain their function. The same applies to age: in young girls, the cycle normalizes faster. You can meet the fact that there is no monthly 3 - 6 months, sometimes longer. In such situations, it is always necessary to contact a gynecologist and be observed with him until his menstruation is restored. Sometimes you have to prescribe additional treatment.

No menstruation with placebo

Some girls believe that as soon as the active pills in the package are finished and the placebo is started, they should go for periods. And when they are not there a day or two or even three, they start to worry. It is assumed that menstruation will go within a week after the last active pill. In this case, do not worry, and taking a placebo, you should immediately move to a new package. Every girl should know the main situations on the background of taking Dimia, when menstruation should begin normally. So you can avoid unnecessary worries.

Ovarian depletion

Sometimes against the background of hormonal drugs, complete suppression of the proper function of the ovaries occurs, their exhaustion is noted. The risk of this increases with the following points:

  • with long-term continuous hormonal pills,
  • if a woman is over 35 years old
  • in the case where ovarian surgery was previously performed,
  • if it is a multi-live woman.


Hormonal contraceptives - one of the most effective methods of contraception. However, to achieve this effect, it is necessary to strictly follow the rules for taking pills. With the omission of even one probability of unplanned conception increases. Therefore, in all situations when against the background of oral contraceptives there are no menstrual periods, pregnancy should be excluded. This can be done using an ordinary urinary test. But it is better and more reliable - a blood test for hCG, which shows a 100% valid result as early as 10 days after fertilization, if it occurred.

In the case when, against the background of using Dimia, the menstrual periods do not stop, it is also first necessary to exclude pregnancy, especially if there is a violation of the schedule for taking pills.

Watch the video on hormonal contraception:

Why can bleeding begin

Monthly with Dimia tablets in most cases, regular, slim, almost painless. They can even become smearing. But it happens that breakthrough bleeding or very heavy menses occur. What is the reason? There are several reasons for this:

  • After the cancellation of Dimia, strong periods can be in the second or third month, when the body is completely restored from synthetic hormones. This is especially observed if a woman is disturbed by heavy menstruation before the pills.
  • If a girl misses pills for several cycles in a row to remove critical days, then at any moment she may experience breakthrough bleeding. This is due to the fact that the endometrium is constantly increasing under the influence of estrogens and gestagens, but does not reject - for this it is necessary to drastically reduce their level, for example, stop drinking or replace with placebo. In the end, it is so wide that it is removed on its own, this is manifested by abundant bleeding. Moreover, even a single placebo pass increases the risk of spotting and even heavy discharge in addition to the critical days.
  • In the case when Dimia is not appointed according to indications, and a woman may lack a dose of the hormone. In this case, the bleeding will be uncritical.
  • If a girl missed more than two pills, then the risk of abundant discharge from her over the next five days increases dramatically. This is menstrual bleeding. In such a situation, it is better to stop taking the old pack and start the next one after a four-day break.
  • In the first month of admission, if the use of pills started after delivery or termination of pregnancy at any time, breakthrough bleeding also occurs. As a rule, all violations take place on the second or third month of admission.

What to do

What to do if the monthly after taking Dimia did not come on time? The action algorithm is as follows:

  • For reliability and reliability, a urine pregnancy test should be done first. But it is even better to take a blood test for hCG, it shows a reliable result from 10 days after fertilization, if it happened. If all signs indicate pregnancy, you should immediately make an appointment with a doctor.
  • If there are still no menstruations just a couple of days after the active pills, you should not worry, most likely they will go in a few days. Allowed time up to a week.
  • If menstruation did not come in a month, especially at the beginning of the reception, and there are no signs of pregnancy, most likely it is an adaptation of the organism to synthetic sex hormones. It is necessary to continue reception strictly according to the instruction. The absence of bleeding for more than 2 - 3 cycles is a significant reason for seeking medical attention. Most likely, hormonal drugs will have to be canceled for a while in order to restore ovarian function.
  • Если менструации не пришли при пропуске таблеток-плацебо, так и должно быть. Но когда после полной отмены Димиа задержка месячных более трех месяцев, особенно у женщин после 35 лет, следует немедленно обратиться к врачу. Есть вероятность, что истощился запас яичников. В подобных ситуациях иногда приходится принимать заместительную гормональную терапию до возраста менопаузы.

Рекомендуем прочитать статью о менструации при приеме Джес. From it you will learn about the effect of the drug and the features of its reception, the effect of the pills on the menstrual period, the probability of becoming pregnant while using Jess.

Dimia is one of the popular and modern contraceptive drugs, an analogue of Yarina. It can be used not only to prevent pregnancy, but also to treat it - it has antiandrogenic and mineralocorticoid effect. While taking the drug, various menstrual irregularities may occur, especially if there were errors in the application.

It happens that, after Dimia, there are no monthly periods of more than one cycle, or there are various types of spotting and sometimes abundant bleeding. With the appearance of any disorders, only a specialist can determine the true cause and prescribe an effective and safe treatment for a woman.

Yakimenko Elena

Psychologist, child psychologist, gestalt therapist. Specialist from the website

saw dimia. all on time came to placebo. Go to the gynecologist who assigned them to you and find out the reason

Everything is fine. drink a new one.

I drink Dimia, I have all the rules and monthly came in time. Did you miss the pills? Diarrhea or vomiting was not? Take a test, if 1 strip, not pregnant, then drink the next package further.

so on the eye and there is no menstruation.

Tablets did not miss. Can I start my monthly periods in a week when taking a new package?

Will begin on the day when it will be necessary to drink the first pill of a new pack - every month I had this

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I also drink Dimia. 3 months monthly start on day 1 of the new pack. so do not worry)))

Good evening, the girls (I also worry so much, they assigned me Dimia because of the absence of menstruation (they were not there for 4 months, we take them too.) The course is 3 months, and now the 4th placebo tablet went and there are no menstrual periods. I really want children by have to drink it for a long time ((((

Hello. Tell me please, I take Dimia on the recommendation of a doctor for 8 months already and everything is fine. But at the last placebo pill there are no periods. Start a new package already 3 tablets drank and they are not !! Made the test negative. To the doctor not soon yet. Maybe someone had a similar. Missed one placebo pill but took it later.

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At the moment, there is no information about cases of Dimia overdose. However, based on experience with integrated contraceptiveSimilar to this drug in overdose, symptoms such as nausea, vaginal bleeding,and vomiting. If you experience these symptoms, you should stop using the drug and consult a doctor for advice.


In order to avoid weakening the effectiveness of contraceptives, do not use Dimia in conjunction with drugs that affect liver enzymes, eg, Topiramate, Griseofulvin, Primidon, Phenytoin, Oxcarbazepine, Rifampicin, Felbamate, barbituratesand others, as well as medicinal products containing in their chemical composition St. John's wort.

Postinor is used as an ambulance for unplanned sexual intercourse if no other means of birth control has been used. The effect of the drug is manifested in two directions. It suppresses ovulation (important for the first half of the woman’s monthly cycle) and this prevents fertilization. Also, the drug causes changes in the endometrial layer (uterine lining), making it impossible to implant an egg. Such an impact is important for the second half of the female cycle, when ovulation, as a rule, has already taken place.

The effectiveness of the drug is determined by the time of its use. Maximum efficiency is achieved in the case of the use of two pills immediately after intercourse, and another one - after 12 hours. If the interval between intercourse and taking a contraceptive did not exceed 1 hour, then the efficiency reaches 95%. When using emergency contraception after three days, the effectiveness is reduced to 58%.

Permanent use contraceptives may increase the risk of developing thromboembolism. Moreover, this risk is highest in the first year of use of the contraceptive. If the following symptoms occur while taking Dimia, you should immediately stop using the drug:

  • swelling of the lower limbs and strong pain,
  • dyspnea,
  • sudden vision loss,
  • cough,
  • causeless severe headache
  • diplopia,
  • vertigo,
  • aphasia,
  • speech disorder,
  • sharp belly,
  • collapse,
  • numbness,
  • weakness,
  • movement disorders.

During the use of Dimia the risk of dangerous thromboembolic disorders significantly occurs when:

  • hereditary location
  • after the age of 30,
  • obesity,
  • immobilizationand after emergency surgery,
  • smoking
  • hypertension,
  • atrial fibrillation,
  • migraine,
  • dyslipoproteinemia,
  • diseases heart valves.

When using a contraceptive, be sure to consider the risk of thromboembolism especially after childbirth, as well as the development of other adverse effects diabetes, Crohn's disease, colitis, anemiaand so on. Women should not without the advice of a doctor, as well as a preliminary medical examination to start taking the drug.

It is important to exclude pregnancy. While using the contraceptive, "withdrawal" bleeding may appear, therefore, an assessment of the normality of such discharge can be carried out after three months (adaptation period) since the start of the use of birth control pills.

Analogs Dimia

Perhaps the most common structural analogues of Dimia can be considered the following drugs similar in chemical composition and mechanism of action:

Dimia or Jess?

Chloasma may occur from time to time, especially in women who have already had a history of chloasma in pregnancy. Women with a tendency to chloasma should avoid exposure to the sun or ultraviolet radiation when taking a PDA.

Drospirenone + ethinyl estradiol tablets contain 48.53 mg of lactose monohydrate in a shell, placebo tablets contain 37.26 mg of anhydrous lactose per tablet. Patients with rare hereditary diseases, such as galactose intolerance, lactase deficiency or impaired glucose-galactose absorption, who are on a lactose-free diet should not take this drug.

Women who are allergic to soy lecithin may experience allergic reactions.

The efficacy and safety of the drug Dimia as a contraceptive have been studied in women of reproductive age. It is assumed that in the postpubertal period up to 18 years, the efficacy and safety of the drug are similar to those of women over 18 years. The use of the drug to establish menarche is not shown.

Before taking or reapplying Dimia, a complete medical history (including family history) should be collected and pregnancy should be excluded. It is necessary to measure blood pressure, conduct a medical examination, guided by contraindications and precautions. A woman should be reminded of the need to carefully read the instructions for use and adhere to the recommendations specified in it. The frequency and content of the survey should be based on existing practical guidelines. The frequency of medical examinations is individual for each woman, but should be carried out at least 1 time in 6 months.

A woman needs to be reminded that oral contraceptives do not protect against HIV infection (AIDS) and other sexually transmitted diseases.

The effectiveness of PDA may decrease, for example, if you skip taking drospirenone + ethinyl estradiol tablets, gastrointestinal disorders while taking drospirenone + ethinyl estradiol tablets, or taking other drugs at the same time.

Insufficient cycle control

As with the use of other PDAs, women may experience acyclic bleeding (spotting or “withdrawal” bleeding), especially in the first months of use. Therefore, any irregular bleeding should be assessed after a three-month adaptation period.

If acyclic bleeding recurs or begins after several regular cycles, consider the possibility of developing non-hormonal disorders and take measures to exclude pregnancy or cancer, including therapeutic and diagnostic curettage of the uterus.

Side effect of hormonal contraceptives.

The actions of hormonal contraceptives, as with other drugs, are determined by the properties of their constituent substances. The majority of birth control pills prescribed for elective contraception include 2 types of hormones: one gestagen and one estrogen.

Progestins = progestogens = progestins - hormones that are produced by the corpus luteum of the ovaries (formation on the surface of the ovaries, which appears after ovulation - the release of an egg), in a small amount - by the adrenal cortex, and during pregnancy - by the placenta. The main progestogen is progesterone.

The name of the hormones reflects their main function - “pro gestation” = “to [preserve] pregnancy” by restructuring the endothelium of the uterus to the state necessary for the development of a fertilized egg. The physiological effects of gestagens are combined into three main groups.

  1. Vegetative effect. It is expressed in suppressing the proliferation of the endometrium caused by the action of estrogen, and its secretory transformation, which is very important for a normal menstrual cycle. When pregnancy occurs, progestogens suppress ovulation, lower the tone of the uterus, reducing its excitability and contractility ("protector" of pregnancy). Progestins are responsible for the "maturation" of the mammary glands.
  2. Generative action. In low doses, progestins increase follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) secretion, which is responsible for the maturation of follicles in the ovary and ovulation. In large doses, gestagens block both FSH and LH (luteinizing hormone, which is involved in the synthesis of androgens, and together with FSH, provides ovulation and progesterone synthesis). Progestins affect the center of thermoregulation, which is manifested by an increase in temperature.
  3. General action. Under the influence of gestagens, the amine nitrogen in the blood plasma decreases, the excretion of amino acids increases, the secretion of gastric juice increases, the separation of bile slows down.

The oral contraceptives include various progestin. For a time, it was believed that there was no difference between progestins, but it is now precisely known that the difference in molecular structure provides a variety of effects. In other words, progestogens differ in the spectrum and in the severity of additional properties, but the above-described 3 groups of physiological effects are inherent in all of them. The characteristics of modern progestins are shown in the table.

Pronounced or very pronounced progestin effect inherent in all progestogens. The gestagen effect is understood to mean the main groups of properties mentioned earlier.

Androgenic activity not typical of many drugs, its result is a decrease in the amount of "useful" cholesterol (HDL cholesterol) and an increase in the concentration of "harmful" cholesterol (LDL cholesterol). As a result, the risk of atherosclerosis increases. In addition, virilization symptoms appear (male secondary sexual characteristics).

Explicit antiandrogenic effect there are only three drugs. This effect has a positive value - improvement of the skin condition (cosmetic side of the question).

Antimineralocorticoid activity associated with an increase in diuresis, sodium excretion, a decrease in blood pressure.

Glucocorticoid effect affects the metabolism: there is a decrease in the body's sensitivity to insulin (the risk of diabetes), increases the synthesis of fatty acids and triglycerides (the risk of obesity).

Estrogens are another component of birth control pills.

Estrogen - female sex hormones, which are produced by ovarian follicles and adrenal cortex (and in men also by the testes). There are three main estrogens: estradiol, estriol, estrone.

Physiological effects of estrogen:

- proliferation (growth) of the endometrium and myometrium by the type of their hyperplasia and hypertrophy,

- development of genital organs and secondary sexual characteristics (feminization),

- inhibition of resorption (destruction, resorption) of bone tissue,

- procoagulant action (increased blood clotting),

- increase in the content of HDL ("good" cholesterol) and triglycerides, reducing the amount of LDL ("bad" cholesterol),

- sodium and water retention in the body (and, consequently, an increase in blood pressure),

- ensuring the acidic environment of the vagina (normal pH 3.8-4.5) and the growth of lactic acid bacteria,

- enhancing the production of antibodies and phagocytic activity, increasing the body's resistance to infections.

Estrogens in oral contraceptives are needed to control the menstrual cycle; they do not take part in protection against unwanted pregnancy. Most often, the composition of the tablets includes ethinyl estradiol (EE).

Mechanisms of action of oral contraceptives

So, given the basic properties of gestagens and estrogens, the following mechanisms of action of oral contraceptives can be distinguished:

1) inhibition of the secretion of gonadotropic gomons (due to gestagens),

2) a change in the pH of the vagina in a more acidic way (the effect of estrogen),

3) increase the viscosity of cervical mucus (gestagen),

4) the phrase “egg implantation” used in the instructions and manuals, which conceals the abortive effect of HA from women.

The gynecologist's comment on the abortive mechanism of action of hormonal contraceptives

When implanted into the uterine wall, the embryo is a multicellular organism (blastocyst). The egg cell (even fertilized) is never implanted. Implantation occurs 5-7 days after fertilization. Therefore, what is called the instructions egg, in fact, not at all, and the embryo.

Why and when is the contraceptive effect of pills manifested?

When a woman starts taking combined contraceptive drugs, a serious hormonal adjustment takes place in her body. Most drugs contain two types of hormones - estrogen and progesterone. So, in "Dimia" contains about 20 micrograms of the hormone belonging to the group of estrogen, and 3 mg of the hormone - progesterone analogue.

In order for the pill to have a contraceptive effect, the hormones in the female body must change significantly. This happens as the hormones from the pills regularly enter the blood. Special receptors inform the brain that the level of these hormones in the blood is elevated, and it does not give the command to form an egg. Therefore, pregnancy becomes impossible.

On average, hormonal changes require about seven days. Therefore, during the first week (if the pills are taken for the first time) pregnancy may occur, and to protect it from it, you need to use additional methods - for example, barrier methods, which include condoms. The risk of pregnancy is also high if a pill was missed during the first week of taking the drug or vomiting occurred during the first hours after taking it.

Starting from the second week, the level of hormones in the blood becomes stable, the egg does not form, and the mucus in the cervical canal is thickened, which prevents sperm from entering the uterus. Thus, pregnancy becomes impossible. Even if one of the last active tablets was missed, conception is unlikely.

Each subsequent packaging of the drug helps to maintain the already established balance of hormones, so the probability of pregnancy becomes even lower. As a rule, even after complete withdrawal of the drug (if it has been taken for six months or more), the body needs some time (sometimes a year) in order to restore its reproductive function.

Поэтому, если вы принимали препарат в течение месяца, не пропуская таблетки, и не страдали желудочным расстройством, предохраняться от нежелательной беременности дополнительными средствами не нужно.

Менструации на фоне приема КОК

When taking COCs, menstrual-like bleeding begins several days after taking the last active pill, since by this point “additional” hormones are removed from the body.

When taking "Dimia", menstruation should begin several days after taking the pills from the last row - they do not contain hormones and are used for convenience, so that the woman would not forget about taking the drug and know when to start the next package.

Thus, in your case there are no abnormalities in the timing of the onset of menstruation. Most likely, next month the bleeding will begin on the same day. It may end before taking active pills, and may continue for several more days.

Unwanted estrogen ...

During a careful study of hormonal contraceptives and their effects on the body, it was concluded: undesirable effects are associated to a greater extent with the effect of estrogens. Therefore, the smaller the amount of estrogen in the pill, the fewer side effects, but it is not possible to completely eliminate them. It was these conclusions that pushed scientists to invent new, more advanced drugs, and oral contraceptives, in which the amount of the estrogen component was measured in milligrams, were replaced by pills containing estrogens in micrograms (1 milligram [mg] = 1000 micrograms [mcg]). Currently there are 3 generations of birth control pills. The division into generations is due to both a change in the amount of estrogen in the preparations, and the introduction of newer progesterone analogues into the composition of the tablets.

By the first generation of contraceptives include "Ewan", "Inekundin", "Bisekurin." These drugs have been widely used since their discovery, but later their androgenic effect was observed, manifested in the coarsening of the voice, facial hair growth (virilization).

By the second generation of drugs include "Microgenon", "Rigevidon", "Triregol", "Triziston" and others.

The most frequently used and widely used drugs are the third generation: “Logest”, “Merisilon”, “Regulon”, “Novinet”, “Diane-35”, “Zhanin”, “Yarina” and others. A significant advantage of these drugs is their anti-androgenic activity, most pronounced in Diane-35.

The study of the properties of estrogen and the conclusion that they are the main source of side effects from the use of hormonal contraceptives, led scientists to the idea of ​​creating drugs with an optimal reduction in the dose of estrogen in them. Estrogens cannot be completely removed from the composition, since they play an important role in maintaining a normal menstrual cycle.

In this regard, the division of hormonal contraceptives into high-, low-and microdosing drugs appeared.

Highly dosed (EE = 40-50 µg per tablet).

  • "Non-ovlon"
  • Ovidon and others
  • For contraceptive purposes are not used.

Low-dose (EE = 30-35 µg per tablet).

Microdosing (EE = 20 µg per tablet)

  • "Logest"
  • "Mersilon"
  • "Novinet"
  • "Miniziston 20 fem" "Jess" and others

Side effects of hormonal contraceptives

Side effects from the use of oral contraceptives are always described in detail in the instructions for use.

Since the side effects of the use of various birth control pills are about the same, it makes sense to consider them, highlighting the main (heavy) and less severe.

Some manufacturers list the condition, the appearance of which should immediately stop taking. These conditions include the following:

  1. Arterial hypertension.
  2. Hemolytic uremic syndrome, manifested by a triad of symptoms: acute renal failure, hemolytic anemia and thrombocytopenia (decrease in platelet count).
  3. Porphyria is a disease in which hemoglobin synthesis is impaired.
  4. Hearing loss due to otosclerosis (fixation of the auditory ossicles, which normally must be mobile).

Almost all manufacturers designate thromboembolism as rare or very rare side effects. But this serious condition deserves special attention.

Thromboembolism - This is a blockage of a blood vessel with a blood clot. This is an acute condition requiring expert help. Thromboembolism cannot occur out of the blue, it needs special “conditions” - risk factors or existing vascular diseases.

Risk factors for thrombosis (the formation of blood clots inside the vessels - blood clots - which interfere with the free, laminar flow of blood):

- age over 35 years,

- high level of estrogen in the blood (which occurs when taking oral contraceptives),

- increased blood clotting, which is observed with a deficiency of antithrombin III, proteins C and S, dysfibrinogenemia, Markiafav-Mikelli disease,

- injuries and extensive operations in the past,

- venous congestion with a sedentary lifestyle,

- varicose veins of the legs,

- damage to the valvular apparatus of the heart,

- Atrial fibrillation, angina,

- diseases of cerebral vessels (including transient ischemic attack) or coronary vessels,

- moderate to severe arterial hypertension,

- diseases of the connective tissue (collagenosis), and especially systemic lupus erythematosus,

- hereditary predisposition to thrombosis (thrombosis, myocardial infarction, cerebral circulatory disorders in the nearest blood relatives).

With these risk factors, a woman taking hormonal birth control pills significantly increases the risk of thromboembolism. The risk of thromboembolism increases with thrombosis of any localization, both currently available and transferred in the past, with myocardial infarction and stroke.

Thromboembolism, whatever its location, is a serious complication.

In addition to thromboembolism, there are other, less severe, but still inconvenient side effects. For example, candidiasis (thrush). Hormonal contraceptives increase the acidity of the vagina, and in an acidic environment, fungi reproduce well, in particular Candidaalbicans, which is conditionally pathogenic microorganism.

A significant side effect is sodium retention, and with it, water in the body. This may lead to edema and weight gain. Reduced tolerance to carbohydrates, as a side effect of the use of hormonal pills, increases the risk of diabetes mellitus.

Other side effects such as: decrease in mood, his drops, an increase in appetite, nausea, disorders of the chair, syt, swelling and tenderness of the mammary glands and some others - although not heavy, however, affect the quality of life of a woman.

The instructions for use of hormonal contraceptives in addition to side effects are listed contraindications.

Contraceptives without estrogen

Exist progestogenic contraceptive drugs("Mini-pili"). In their composition, judging by the name, only the gestagen. But this group of drugs has its own indications:

- contraception of nursing women (they cannot be prescribed estrogen-progestin drugs, because estrogen suppresses lactation),

- prescribed for women who have given birth (because the main mechanism of action "mini-drank" - the suppression of ovulation, which is undesirable for those who have not given birth),

- in late reproductive age,

- in the presence of contraindications to the use of estrogen.

In addition, these drugs also have side effects and contraindications.

Particular attention should be paid to "emergency contraception ». The composition of such drugs is either gestagen (Levonorgestrel) or antiprogestin (Mifepristone) in a large dose. The main mechanisms of action of these drugs are the inhibition of ovulation, thickening of the cervical mucus, acceleration of desquamation (desquamation) of the functional layer of the endometrium with the aim of preventing the attachment of a fertilized egg. And Mifepristone has an additional effect - increasing the tone of the uterus. Therefore, a single dose of a large dose of these drugs has a very strong simultaneous effect on the ovaries, after taking pills for emergency contraception there can be serious and prolonged irregularities in the menstrual cycle. Women who regularly use these drugs are at great risk for their health.

Comments on the use of GK

Hello girls! ... I've been sitting on a variety of hormones for 2 years: Zoladex, Janine, Duphaston, Novinet, Nova Ring injections. I have endometriosis, did 2 operations, the pain was unbearable! I just had to alleviate them somehow and OK, but what was going on with me now cannot be conveyed ... I sit and roar, a lot of sores, terrible headaches, pressure spikes, hot flashes, a terrible cycle, terrible states of panic, anxiety and depression occur ... this is not a complete list of all the side effects. I cannot get out of the wrinkles, but they are prescribing more and more new drugs for me - tranquilizers, antidepressants, etc. I know there are a lot of people like me, but I also did not give birth, I am 25, and I want a baby. I understand that already that what has been done is not to return, I now have only one question how to get out of these states ?, how to raise health now, I know that it is just necessary to fight for life. Every morning I get up and start practicing myself, I quit all medicines, I do exercises little by little, dousing, breathing exercises, herbs and so on. but while the effect is small, the whole is falling apart. Maybe someone will tell me what to do now. It can somehow cleanse the body after the harmful effects of hormones - the liver, gallbladder, etc. Maybe some other tips, you need to live like that further! Help.

My name is Anya, I am 21. After taking hormones, especially Jess, I want to commit suicide ... I don’t know how to live on. It all started with panic attacks, numbness of the limbs, various body pains ... No one believed me. The pressure jumped 170/120 called an ambulance, they sent me to a madhouse. I live in Krasnodar. My condition lasts for two months so. Every day my pressure jumps, I walk swollen, I spent thousands to examine the body. As a result, gastritis, pancreatitis, abnormalities of the kidneys and liver, the IRR is put in hospitals when I get blue and with chills there. They say that she screwed herself up, that I'm crazy. But recently, I began to swell and my lymph nodes were swollen all over my body. Immunity fell heavily. Began to hurt and bulge veins. I do not know how to live. I have a young man, I love him and he is fighting for my life, but in all the clinics they tell me that it’s because of nerves of mine. I'm very tired! I dream so much to be happy, I dream of a child ... And for the place of this I do not leave the house, the maximum is a taxi-hospital. Doctors cannot say why I swell up and because of what my veins hurt, especially on my left arm, part of my head and legs. Before that she was a healthy person, happy and very beautiful. And now I am sitting as an invalid at home, sobbing, tired of these pains. I just constantly scroll in my head that moment when I opened the pack of Jess and drank the first pill and dream of returning the past ... I write and sob excitedly, because I already have some strength and there is no money for restoration. And in the hospitals they send me, they just say that I was eating badly, that a sedentary lifestyle (although I was active before) I don’t know, maybe I already have problems with blood clots ... And my face is covered with terrible acne, my skin has become flabby and everywhere stretching from the legs to the abdomen! Hair falls out, but there where it is not necessary they grow. These pills have made me live. ... I only pray, and I dream to return that day ... I really want to live. Help me, who suffered from OK write how to recover! I don't know what to do already. ... I just can't live like this anymore ...


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Girls, hello! Read your reviews! I myself drank jess about 2.5 years! In principle, everything was fine with me, but my immunity was greatly reduced, the temperature was constantly 37.4, and I used to be very healthy, no illness could have broken me! She felt terrible, but could not connect it with jess. My friend went to the gynecologist, She told her to stop drinking them urgently, because they are deadly! I also decided to stop drinking, linking all my ailments with Jesse! The, that now is happening this horror !! Dizziness, depression, etc. Although it does not look like me, I have always been an optimist! In general, I curse these pills, saving myself with only one product that stabilizes hormones and which is completely natural! Slowly recovering, there are improvements! Girls, I read reviews, it's terrible, do not think about suicide! I can only recommend you a product that I drink.

Hello! I was prescribed regulon in the treatment of functional and irregular menses cysts. I spent on drinking for 3 months, as soon as I canceled all my problems here, namely panic attacks, hot flashes, pressure decrease and increase, weight loss, immunity, terrible depression, hell in the soul, indifference to everything and everyone. I spent a whole month in the hospital on antidepressants, it became easier, gained weight, my mood improved. But the doctor recommended drinking more antidepressants for 6 months. Cut, and today I really want to live. So girls do not be intimidated by "mental hospitals" and antidepressants health is more important.

And the monthly after the cancellation of the regulation normalized or something else taken?

Hello everyone, I personally went to the gynecologist to get OK appointed, I drink Jasmine for the third month, and I cannot understand what is happening to me - My mood jumps, self-esteem, too, everything is fine, everything is terrible, headaches, insomnia, etc. I began to analyze, leafed through the notebook for 2016 and realized that with each new menstruation, I begin to have mood swings, I get depressed, I don’t want to do anything ... and all this "murk" repeats ... nothing remains to be done HOW to finish the last pack, and watch on its condition, SO HOW IT ALL DOES NOT MAKE IT.

Anastasia, please recommend a product that you drink and send a response to the email address

Hello, please tell me what product you are drinking, a cat. stabilizes hormones. Thank you in advance

When I was 17, an ovarian cyst appeared, I was cured under IV drips in a hospital, then in the same hospital on ultrasound, an “omniscient” uzistka diagnosed endometriosis itself, sent it to the local endocrinologist. The endocrinologist at the station is a song, because she doesn’t have time to interview me and she immediately gave me a roll-in, then in a few months she will update me. In addition, I have long been treated for chronic adnexitis, an inflammation of the appendages. After I got off OK, the monthly regulars did not recover, they came in a chaotic manner, sometimes there were no for 2 months, and when they disappeared for half a year, I went to a private clinic to a higher category gynecologist-endocrinologist, she asked me an hour and came to the conclusion that the diagnosis for which I was treated was contrived. Generally, Uzi have no right to make any diagnoses, but this woman still works there to this day, and her self-conceit is already above the clouds. So: the treatment has led to the fact that the ovaries have forgotten how to work, and ovulation was simply absent. I was able to get pregnant only with klostilbegit stumulation! And over these few years I began to weigh almost 25 kg more.
Nearly 2 years after giving birth, when I discontinued HB, my regular monthly periods finally began. almost immediately became pregnant. But, unfortunately, it was a missed abortion, after scraping the doctor again ordered me OK for 2 months, after that the menstruation again became irregular and disappeared for half a year.
It has been 2.5 years, I was diagnosed with multifollicular ovaries, they said that
This is the reason that pregnancy is possible only with stimulation, the doctor ordered me to drink the drug first “Time Factor”, these are vitamins for establishing a cycle, and the result was not stable. Then another doctor prescribed me a domestic Cyclophitis. I cut 2 packs, I planned to burn erosion, to go to the simulator, because for all these years I could not lose weight. In short, I did not have time 🙂 I did not drink OK for 2.5 years. Got pregnant

Anastasia, good afternoon, tell me PLEASE what product do you take to stabilize the hormonal background? Thank you in advance.

Anastasia, tell me, please, what product do you accept? I have been taking Jas for 6 months and am not thrilled; the last time I passed a complete blood count and I had elevated ALT. I read all the reviews I have almost the same picture. Tell me what you drink? Share, please.

Hello, Anastasia! What product do you drink to maintain the body? Thank you!

Nastya please write what you drink, I drank hormonal for 7 years and now it’s very hard for me what product you are saving

Good morning, what are you drinking?)

Anastasia Hello. I read your review, you write about taking a product to help normalize hormones. Please write what kind of product. Began taking Diane-35 at the insistence of the gynecologist. После 9-й таблетки с приступами жуткого удушья, онемения конечностей, и полного отсутствия нормального сознания 2 раза в течении часа муж с родителями привозил на скорую. Первый раз вообще сказали что вы сюда приехали у Вас давление нормальное. Вернулись домой но на пол пути стало еще хуже, еле довезли обратно. После ругани родителей все-таки приняли сделали ЭКГ и укололи успокоительное и все сказали это не к нам. Теперь лечусь у невролога, сижу на транквилизаторах. Но сама понимаю что так жить нельзя. Пытаюсь как то взять себя в руки но не совсем получается. Помогите советом.

Anastasia, share what you are saving!

Please tell me which product you are drinking. The doctor strongly recommended my daughter to drink "Bezanne" after surgery to remove endometrial cysts. She has an aggressive form of endometriosis. I already cried a lot of tears. I do not know what to do. Tell me about the product.

Dear women, I greet you and sympathize with your problems! I myself went through this in some way and, thank God, now everything is behind! I really would like to share the experience I gained with you. Since these drugs are not only hormonal, but also contraceptive, they are abortive. And, therefore, they are not acceptable to Him, Who created life, each of us and wants life to other children! Therefore, Anya, you are doing the right thing to pray. Jesus Christ on the cross, dying, prayed to Heavenly Father: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know that they are doing evil!” And so often, without knowing it, we perform acts that are destructive for both ourselves and our neighbors. But then how to fix everything, change, return back? For a man, this is most often impossible. But nothing is impossible for God! So it is written in the Holy Book of God - the Bible. And the more I live, the more convinced I am. God is not a myth, not a fetish, not a religion in the sense of rituals, not an idol, etc. God is a living Person, He loves people and wants to help them, for He is our Father. Perfect, wise, good, almighty, loyal and humane and true. Such a God, and only He, is able to help anyone who calls to Him from a pure heart, with faith and repentance. There will be no bad consequences from the help of a Loving Father, like from various medicines, recourse to grandmas or psychics, etc. Only - good, peace, success, recovery. My husband and I did not have children of 6 years, during which 3 frozen pregnancies occurred, and during the last of them we lost twins. They trusted the doctors, drank everything, including hormones, than just stabbed in the hospital for preservation (3 months last time). The result is another miscarriage. My mother, deeply religious, persuaded us not to run away to the doctors, trust God, but we, being believers at that time, still believed that doctors were from God, and they can be trusted, because they “want” to help . But, in the end, they realized that they could not, and they didn’t really want to. They are only people who are mistaken, mistaken, just as weak, who know little (although studying for years in universities), treating according to patterns, schemes ... Especially, when it comes to fertility, this is a special topic. It is under the scrutiny of the “mighty of this world” and of God Himself ... There are medicines that do not contradict His will, through which God can heal too. Who accepts OK as contraceptive Wed-wah, tearfully ask for forgiveness from the Lord for possibly unconscious abortions, and, therefore, deprivation of a child's life. And whoever accepts them for women's “health”, simply turn to Him with a prayer of forgiveness, that they didn’t know Him before, that you give your healing to His almighty hands ... Of course, you need to go to the Church for this, you need true repentance, without which There is forgiveness and acceptance by God as His child, so that He will receive under His protection from the power of the one who wants to "steal, kill and destroy" (that is, the devil). And the Lord Jesus Christ says: "I came that they may have life and have it more abundantly." Now my husband and I have 5 children: three foster and two born. We would like and, I am sure, could, purely on honey. testimony to give birth with the help of God, but by the age of already pozovato: the last we waited for when I was 39 years old (now - 45). My health, gestation, the health of all children - believed and believed in the hands of Him Who created us, and therefore every atom of our body knows. However, He also admits or sends us various illnesses: whether for sins, to think about their lives ... they looked to heaven, learned to truly love ... But He also has the power to abolish this or that disease. When I got pregnant again, my husband and I decided not to go to the doctors, but just to pray and hope in God. Surprisingly, we were amazed: there were the same symptoms (pulled the lower abdomen, a little blood). But in the soul settled such a world that it was clear: we are on the right path. I will not describe in detail the sequence of events, and how the Lord spoke to us, how he led ... This is another story. The uzist doctor, when we first came to register with the consultation at 19 weeks, looked and asked a few questions about the history, asked if we turned to a gynecologist this time, and we said: "No, we only prayed to God", He replied: "What can I say: God heard you!" And what about those tests that I passed after miscarriages: they found tumor markers in the blood that exceeded the norm by several dozen times. We were ready for the worst ... But God has no dead-end, hopeless situations! He turned everything in His own way, turned death into life. He likes to do it. He did it before, and He wants to do it in the life of every person! So - there is a solution! Believe me, these are not just words. Believe God, read the Bible, repent before Him, change your way of thinking and life towards Him, be in the Church not on major holidays only, but every Sunday, strive to understand His Word, to know Him, His character, His will. A new beautiful world will open for you, a world of peace, forgiveness, prudence, goodness, confidence in the future for you and your family, light, deep joy, eternal and everlasting love of God, which wants us only good in this life, but ultimately wants lead to eternal life. I wish you, dear ones, to find the way to your healing as soon as possible, but remember that true healing has two components: first - the soul, and then - the body. Both are with God.

Hello write please what drugs you took to restore hormones. And then ppupimallut holes and sdyha.


Dimia is, first of all, an effective contraceptive. He may be prescribed by a physician as giving birth or artificially terminating a pregnancy in the first and second trimesters. It is recommended for women who have given birth, who do not breastfeed.

In addition to direct use (protection from unwanted pregnancy), the drug can be prescribed to girls of reproductive age for the treatment of acne, seborrhea, severe dysmenorrhea. In addition, the use of COC reduces the likelihood of development:

  • Genital cancer.
  • Inflammatory diseases of the pelvic organs.
  • Osteoporosis.

Tablets prescribed to women undergoing or having a predisposition to ectopic pregnancy. Also suffering from infertility (increase the likelihood of fertilization after stopping the use of COC).

Note that the body of each woman has its own characteristics. Therefore, before using a contraceptive, it is necessary, without fail, to pass all the necessary tests for the portability of the components of the medication. It would be nice to collect a full history and consult with your gynecologist.

Admission Rules

Reception Dimia is designed for 28 days, during which a woman should take one pill (alternating active and placebo) every day. Approximately necessary at the same time, liberally squeezed clean, non-carbonated water. After the packaging is over, the reception of a new one is required to begin immediately, without taking breaks. The use of medications from one blister should not be interrupted for more than one week (7 days).

Recommendations for contraceptive use:

  1. If a woman has not taken oral contraceptives before or has taken a break in reception for 30–31 days, then the start of treatment should be on the first day of menstruation. It is permissible for 2–5 days of the cycle, but at the same time during intercourse it is necessary to additionally be protected with barrier contraceptives.
  2. When switching to Dimia from other OCs, the intake should be started the next day after taking the placebo pill (drugs for 28 days) or tablets with the active substance (for contraceptives for 21 days).
  3. When refusing implants, injections, hormonal minimum pills or intrauterine contraceptives in favor of COC, the use of oral contraceptives is recommended to start on the day of stopping injections or withdrawal of contraceptive forms.
  4. Reception means with a delay of no more than 12 hours will not affect the quality of contraceptive protection of the drug. If more than 12 hours have passed after the estimated time of ingestion without the use of the medication, then the pill should be drunk as soon as the woman remembered it, even if this leads to the joint intake of several pills. Next, taking a contraceptive should be held in the usual way.

The adaptation period (for primary and secondary) but after a significant interruption in the use of contraceptive averages up to three months.

If after the expiration of this period, the use of contraceptives is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, then you should contact a female doctor to adjust the regimen or a new appointment.