What does the absence of the monthly cycle mean?


Every woman from the moment of entry into adolescence, begins to follow the menstrual cycle. The physical condition of the fair sex depends on its proper and safe passage. It is important that the cycle is regularly unchanged. This suggests that the body of women is functioning normally. Much worse if the hormonal system fails and there is no menstruation. In order to find out the causes of a change in the cycle, let's examine the very concept and process from a scientific point of view: is the absence of menstruation normal or does it need treatment?

Lack of menstruation may be an indicator of abnormalities in the body.

Menstrual cycle

Menstruation or the menstrual cycle - the state of the female body, a continuous process, says about entering the child-bearing age. For this fact is responsible for one of the areas of the brain. The absence of critical days (it happens that the absence of menstruation - a year) carries in itself, besides negative - positive. Recently, few of the girls and women know how the process, the structure of the female organs, and their connection with each other take place. Often unfamiliar and the reasons for the absence of menstruation. We will try to properly and productively understand the important things relating to the female body. The duration of the menstrual cycle is different for each woman, usually from 21 to 28 days from the beginning of the first menstruation to the first day of the next. Regularity 1 time per month. It is not the days of bleeding that are counted, but the regularity is monthly.

  1. The maturation of the egg.
  2. Preparing for fertilization.
  3. Rupture of the follicle and the creation of a yellow body.
  4. Progesterone plus tarragon carry out the preparation of the uterus, thickening of the mucous layer occurs.
  5. If fertilization occurs, the absence of a monthly cycle is explicable. The resumption of the menstrual cycle will occur only after the end of pregnancy. Treatment in this case is not required. A year after conception, menstruation will go back to normal, except in some cases.
  6. In the absence of pregnancy, one of the hormones ceases to be produced and rejection occurs. In other words, menstruation begins.

Monthly cycle regularity - once a month

Lack of a menstrual cycle. The reasons

Let's try to consider each reason for the absence of the menstrual cycle in more detail. In addition to delays associated with a violation of the cycle, there may be quite natural processes in the woman’s body that should not cause concern.

  • The first, and positive reason, when there is no menstruation, will be pregnancy. Its renewal will be after birth, about a year.
  • In addition to pregnancy in women over forty, menopause begins. The state is not pleasant, but quite understandable, natural. The absence of menstruation during menopause suggests that the female body is no longer able to bear a new life. Treatment is not assigned. This phenomenon can last a year or a bit more. With this transitional process, bleeding or hemorrhaging may occur. In the first case, consultation of the gynecologist and treatment is necessary. In the second there is nothing dangerous for life. The absence of menstruation during menopause affects the health of women. This is premature aging, pain in the joints, dry skin, loss of elasticity, back pain, poor heart muscle work. There is no such medicine that could prevent menopause, because not all patients undergo treatment. It is embedded in the genetics of women. If, due to pregnancy, the female body is renewed, then during menopause it is the opposite. It should be remembered that the monthly may not go a year, and then resume for a while.
  • The next reason for the lack of menstruation can be stress and physical strain. If there is no physical and psychological rest, there can be delays in addition to lowering blood pressure and dizziness. In addition to the banal reasons, the treatment of women and their menstrual cycle can be delayed for a year. Such stress for the body can lead to infertility. In extreme cases, the ability to bear a child during pregnancy.
  • Climatic conditions. Often, problems with menstrual irregularities experience the fair sex when traveling, long trips. Having gone on vacation, 2 percent of a hundred women begin to frighten the lack of menstruation. when traveling, any person is under stress - for women, this is a double problem. Living in a region where summer is dry and there is no rain, the girl comes to rest, where the humidity is much greater. Until the body is reconstructed, the menstrual cycle may fail. In some cases, leads to pregnancy, as the egg develops more slowly, and then wait for menstruation in a year.
  • Excessive weight or lack of it. Man consists of several types of fabrics. Fatty, participates in all hormonal processes. Subcutaneous fat, overabundance or lack of weight can cause a delay in menstruation. Most women try to lose weight, no matter what. In any way that leads to the stress of the body - prescribe diets, can only nutritionists, and not friends. No periods - it means that the diet went to the detriment of health. If there is an excess of weight, it is necessary to eat vegetable burners, to play sports - this will lead to the normalization of weight and menstrual cycle. Both in the first and in the second cases of pregnancy are not desirable: the body simply will not sustain such a load. Weight problems - hormonal deficiency.
  • Intoxication. When smoking, use drugs and alcohol, there may be a lack of menstruation. Women working in chemical enterprises can be disturbed for about a year: irregularity of the menstrual cycle and the absence of menstruation. In these cases, there is a change in the industry, the abandonment of harmful habits.
  • Tumor formations. These include: fibroids, cysts of all kinds, cancerous tumors. Endometriosis, adomyosis, endometritis, diseases of the genitourinary system can provoke a delay.
  • Abortion. The fact that the body, even for a short time, adapted to the new changes, tried to function for two, and then experienced stress (miscarriage, abortion, fetus freezing), it needs to be reconfigured again. Not everyone can quickly restore the menstrual cycle for such reasons. Due to abortion, women can develop polycystosis, infertility, metabolic disorders and the absence of menstruation.

Alcohol use can cause intoxication and delayed menstruation.

What can help if there are no monthly

First of all, you need to make sure that there is no pregnancy. Many women can not convince that contraceptives - a pill or a spiral can not prevent fertilization of the egg. 2 percent out of 100 women can even conceive a child with them.

It is possible that a few months after the menstruation of the fetus - make a pregnancy test before starting treatment. If it is negative, look for the reason in weight and nutrition. Not again? We are looking for the causes of the problems of the menstrual cycle further, until we eliminate everything that is less or less safe for the female body. Herbal therapy will not work: if pregnancy is eliminated, physical exertion, psychological stress, menopause, go to the hospital for a doctor.

Climax can occur not only after 45 years. Depends on predisposition, the beginning of the menstrual cycle (entry into the child-bearing age), heredity. Early development, a large number of abortions leads to the fact that women start menopause ahead of time (from 35 years).

There is no menstruation during breastfeeding. Treatment in this case is not necessary. At the end of feeding the menstrual cycle will resume. Even after visiting a gynecologist and a full examination of the pelvic organs, do not forget that the disappearance of menstruation can be diseases of the kidneys, intestines, thyroid gland and brain.