Can I go to the solarium during menstruation? What does it threaten with?


A beautiful uniform bronze-chocolate tan is the merit of a modern tanning bed. A few hours in a special booth, you can enjoy the perfect skin. Postponing the guidance of beauty and a trip to the solarium will have with the onset of menstruation. The fact that you can not be irradiated during the critical days, heard all the beauties. And why this prohibition exists, units guess.

The effect of tanning on the woman's body during menstruation

Tanning obtained in tanning beds replenishes the body with vitamin D, improves skin condition, eliminates acne rashes, increases vitality and happiness hormone. During menstruation, things are not going according to plan. The following may occur:

  1. Increased bleeding

While in a tanning bed, a woman’s skin is exposed to elevated temperatures. This affects the functioning of the blood, allows you to circulate more strongly than it causes an influx to the pelvic organs. Bleeding begins. It is risky to go to the solarium for 2-4 days of menstruation, if they last 5 days. On the first and last day of menstruation, the flow of blood to the genitals will not be so critical. Sunburn will not end big blood loss.

  1. Impairment of well-being

The arrival of menstruation is accompanied by a weak state of the body. With the loss of blood, a woman becomes dizzy, nauseous. In the tanning booth increased temperature. Even with a good ventilation system, the effects of heat on the skin will negatively affect a woman’s well-being. Staying in the tanning booth threatens with headache, weakness, dizziness, loss of consciousness, vomiting. The procedure may be incomplete.

  1. Exacerbation of diseases

A visit to the solarium during menstruation threatens a woman with an exacerbation of current diseases and chronic diseases that take place in a latent form. If, along with menstruation, there are inflammatory processes in the body, disruption of the thyroid gland, the ultraviolet rays of the tanning bed will complicate the situation. After the tanning procedure, you will have to undergo intensive therapy.

  1. Risk of inflammation

A visit to the tanning salon during the menstruation period occurs with a swab inside. Ultraviolet rays heat the surface of the body, the blood begins to circulate vigorously. The amount of discharge increases. The swab keeps the blood inside, which creates favorable conditions for the reproduction of pathogens. After a trip to the solarium, life continues on as usual, and the microorganisms remaining on the surface of the vagina destroy the microflora, leading to inflammation of the ovaries, appendages, and uterus. Hike in the solarium during menstruation will continue in the gynecologist's office.

  1. Uneven tan

During menstruation, hormonal changes occur in the woman’s body. This is displayed on the skin condition. Often a woman notices before critical days or during menstrual acne, pigmentation is the result of the influence of hormones. Attending a tanning bed at monthly can turn into an uneven tan. The skin will be stained. And all this does not come soon.

  1. No effect

According to experts, to go to the solarium for menstruation is a waste of money to the wind. During menstruation, the amount of melanin in the body decreases. It is this hormone that is responsible for getting tan. The procedure will not bring results. The skin will remain the same as it was before visiting the booth.

Lack of tanning is the best thing that can be from visiting a tanning salon with menstruation. Not worth the risk of health. You can always transfer a session for several days.

If you really need - you can get a tan?

There are situations when a woman can not refuse to go to the solarium. Familiarize yourself with all the possible consequences you need. Make every effort to reduce the negative impact.

  • Before going to the solarium with menstruation, you need to spend several hours in a calm state. Rate your well-being. The amount of menstrual flow. In case of indisposition and increased bleeding, sunburn must be discarded.
  • It is necessary to carry out the procedure of washing away 2 hours before visiting the solarium, 3 hours after it. Instead of a gasket, you must use a tampon, after sunbathing, immediately replace the gasket.
  • Panties better to leave. The fabric will protect the most delicate places on the body of a woman.
  • Use the most cosmetics for tanning under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

You can protect your health during your stay in the booth. Predict the result of tanning is impossible. If after the procedure a leopard spotted color appears on the body, or there will be no effect - your fault!

Currently, experts advocate the opinion that getting tan through ultraviolet rays, has a negative effect on the skin in general. With frequent visits to a beauty salon with a similar service, skin cancer and a number of other side effects may develop. If you do not want to abandon the bronze tint of the skin, then at least you should not do this on critical days.